Thursday, 22 December 2011

Kat's Christmas Pick #1: White Christmas :)

 When you think of Christmas you often think of lights twinkling on Christmas Tree, smell of apple pie with cinnamon, and of course you think of snow :) There's nothing better that to go out after Christmas dinner to build a Snowman or play snowball fight :> We probably won't be having snow in Devon this year, but as I love snow, I love walking on fresh snow to be the first to leave footprints, it's gotta be my Top Christmas Pick this year - and wish you all Merry (White) Christmas!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kat's Christmas Pick #2: Killer Panda Hoodie with Paws

 Poizen Industries are famous for their wicked wicked designs, I absolutely love the sweet little surprises that jump out of nowhere, like stitched heart pockets, super long sleeves with hot pink Panda paws, or my favourite thumb holes :) I love getting their new collection, especially with brand new products, as I'm always curious what they added this time... Even simple things as rainbow and bunny details stitched on the label are so enchanting!
Panda Hoodie with Ears from their last collection won me over in particular with tons of cute features, delicious fabric and so incredibly flattering fit, which is perfect for hiding 'fluffy' tummy :) Cute Killer Panda print also brings attention to chest area (always a winner!) - definitely on top of my list this Christmas, paws down!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kat's Christmas Pick #3 - All I Want for Christmas is Halloween...

 I absolutely love Christmas and it's magic that wins me over every time, but I have to say my favourite time of year is always Halloween. It's so inspiring, full of creativity, and sinister side of life has always been closer to my heart (as for most people I suppose), therefore Halloween is always something I celebrate more. Maybe it's also that there's less pressure to celebrate it, nobody stands with gun by your nose and say 'Be Merry and spend your last money or else I'll call you Scrooge". But Henry Selick summed it up perfectly in his 'Nightmare Before Christmas' where you could have Christmas in Halloween land :) Also big big thank you goes to VersaEmerge for releasing her very sinister version of 'Santa Baby' this year - it's been  played on my youtube channel more than any other song, and I'm happy I'm not alone in my pursuit of sinister icing on Christmas cake :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Kat's Christmas Pick #4 - Pop Art Banana Necklace

 Andy Warhol's inspired fresh Pop Art Banana Necklace is something little different this year. If you are not fan of candy pink jewellery you'll find this Pop Art Necklace as completely unique accessory. This Kitsch Necklace likes to be teamed with quirky alternative outfits, so try it now with acid wash denim shirt tied on the front and US flag shorts with cowboy boots - it's completely wicked look, and you'll love wearing it over and over again :)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Kat's Christmas Pick #5 - Purple Skinny Jeans

These Purple Skinny Jeans has been in my closet for few months now, and I have to say, I wouldn't swap them for high street Skinnies which are often priced £20 more. They add this un-missable edgy feel to even simplest cardigan or t-shirt, you cannot get this vibe from Skinnies bought at Topshop or River Island! I love wearing them with my cream boots and plum checked jacket, but I've always loved deep reds, purples and browns. I'm sure you will love these Purple Skinnies Jeans, I tried few pairs from LBC before I picked them, as the fabric felt the best, not too stretchy, not too fitted, just perfectly formed for my liking :)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Kat's Christmas Pick #6 - Hot Pink Kawaii Arm Warmers

These Hot Pink Knitted Arm Warmers are my personal favourite. Extremely limited edition, as only 1 pair is available online, these Scene Kids Pink Arm Warmers are the product to have in Winter 2012. If you love Japanese street fashion, do not miss opportunity to own these cuties now! These Arm Warmers come in candy pink and are decorated with delicious yellow bows. Wear them with baby blue nail polish and simple plain Top - and create incredibly adorable Kawaii look, and be the only one owning these Kawaii Cuties!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Audrey Kitching - Roller Doll :)

Kat's Christmas Pick #7 - Kawaii Eyeliners Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

these new Colour Pencil eyeliners arrived to Little Black Cherry back in November, yet only now they are being sold seperately to bring you better selection of colours to suit your outfit, style and current mood :) Whether you feel like Gothic Lolita and pick straight white & black eyeliners or maybe you see yourself as neo Kawaii Queen and go for blue and white, you've got option to choose the right eyeliner (of the moment) with LBC! And wait... it's also Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! Amazing value, specially now in Christmas time, simply pick 3 different colour pencil liners for £2.00!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Kat's Christmas Pick #9 - Cupcake Cult Monster Hat

I remember unpacking this Black and Pink Monster Hat, I wasn't sure at first if it's Hoodie with ears or a Hat... It's absolutely massive when folded, as it's plushie and comes with super long ear flaps that turn into hand warmers (btw. awesome place for lip balm). I love that Hat and had epic time posing in it at last week's photo shoot. I have to say Poizen Industries and their Cupcake Cult range make such wicked clothing, it's so enjoyable selling it, writing descriptions, coming with titles, and of course styling it into outfits ready for the shoot!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Kat's Christmas Pick #10 - Cupcake Cult Ear Muffs

I have picked these Purple Monster Ear Muffs by Cupcake Cult as my first Christmas favourite, as I find they are such a smart little accessories. I spend about 40 minutes each morning doing my hair, and last thing I want is to wear hat that will flatten my hair and make me look like pancake by the time I get to school :/ 
I found that with these cute Ear Warmers I can keep my head warm and still keep my sweet hairstyle :) They're also in my favourite Purple and Pink colours! If you are looking for Christmas Gifts Ideas for Scene Kids who love to keep their hair looking perfect all day long, but hate cold winter weather, grab these Monster Ear Muffs - but hurry up, it's very Limited Stock, only 1 pair left! 

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Friday, 9 December 2011

Poizen Industries Black Ear Muffs and Gloves Christmas Gift Set

Awesome Scene Kids Gift Set by Poizen Industries! Black Plushie Ear Muffs and Long Monster Gloves make perfect Christmas Gift for all Scene Girls! Gift set exclusive to LBC, buy now for Christmas! 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Nail Art Christmas Ideas :)

I was browsing through Christmas Ideas images on Flickr (couldn't open my favourite and came across Ninavanoordt and her most incredible nail art designs... check this picture, amazing precision, it must have taken her ages to create every single nail, take a look at the Christmas Tree!!! Amazing, please check her Flickr for more images, and you have to see Simpsons nails, pure class!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Ideas and How they are Born...

Christmas is magical, it's this one special time in the whole year, when we just don't want to think of sad depressing things, like homework still not done, neighbours' dog being loud again or that you just can't stop biting your nails... No, even if you're not great fan of Christmas - and that's me this year - you just can't help yourself, but be charmed and swept away by the Christmas lights you see on the streets, or 'Santa Baby' song on the radio... What's so special about it, that we want to be as good as Santa would like us to be? Why we suddenly can't be bothered to be moody with your parents and teachers, but want to feel like Cinderella, bringing goodness to people, hope and believe that good wins over evil (and it really does >.< ).

We browse through items choosing Gifts for Christmas and thinking "my sister would love these Cupcake Cult Fluffy Ear Muffs, they would go with her Monster T-shirt and those purple Skinnies she got on her birthday." Or when we're at toy shop we're thinking what to buy for our cousin, maybe Kawaii cosplay outfit or cute nail art kit? So much to choose, and when you're online, the wide selection is even more overwhelming! That's why we decided to create Christmas Gifts Ideas section online, we'll be shooting Christmas Gift Sets in the studio this week with our lovely festive team and upload them online ready to buy later this week :)))

Monday, 28 November 2011

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Monday, 21 November 2011

Meet La'Moinsteur - a man behind new Monster Hoodies...

Meet our Team! LBC new in house designer La'Moinsteur, joined us this season - straight from Paris! He has completely changed the way we view fashion, Mr Moinsteur claims: "we cannot underestimate the power of spike & claw combo this season. Without them the whole outfit is just unbearably plain... Le ugh..." 

La'Moinsteur is most famous for his recent collaboration with Lady Gaga on her albums 'Monster' and 'Fame Monster' & it was him who introduced her to spikes and bubbles which are now her signature outfits...

We are so happy La'Moinsteur agreed to design full Winter Collection for Little Black Cherry, his vision is so powerful, his designs timeless and now, after hours spent with him we can't imagine wearing anything alse than his visionary Purple & Pink Monster Hoody together with Hot Pink Fluffy Ear Warmers...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

found this video on facebook today, put it on and started doing other tasks, but I was so drawn to her voice, I had to sit by the computer and beg for her never to finish... so amazing, please have a look.

Be exceptional, see how biggest Clothing Brands do it.

Living Dead Souls are one of these design brands that not only survive currently in this tough economic but they are booming... I was thinking today what makes the company or even indyvidual so special, that it seperates them from the rest and let them shine like diamond in the dust. It's gotta be hard work, exceptional attention to detail, focus on the customers and their needs, and having your products as straighforward as possible. Now, exactly that! We are being snowed under every hour of every day from every angle with the ads and promotions, which makes simplicity the most powerful thing! 

But by comparing the biggest clothing brands now doing so well, like Poizen Indsutries, Iron Fist, Living Dead Souls (only to mention the alternative labels), I've noticed that they like to surprise the customer. In the most positive way, of course, whether it is by adding logo printed in awesome font, and placed on the inner side, or by adding extra jewelled skull detail to zipper pull, or simply not simply sewing the bunny ears on the hodie, but attaching them with little buttons. I think it makes the wearing process much more exciting and make customer think - "oh, how about if I buy this new Monster Hoodie with ears, what will I discover, how will they surprise me this time?"

It's also adding value, and this is the difference that makes these clothing so special, as curently it's not enough to be good, you have to be exceptional, and that's what Living Dead Souls and Poizen Industries are all about. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Monday, 7 November 2011

Brinne emailed us her pic with Neon Skinnies she got from LBC... 
She dreams about modelling carreer and now builds her portfolio! 
For this picture Brinne used graffiti wall as a background. 
Brinne said: "Graffiti works amazing for the photos, it gives real edge when compared to studio shots. You just need to top it up with tons of swagger and sweet clothes :)"

Friday, 4 November 2011

Poizen Industries winter collection is deffinitely here...

We've had busy week in Little Black Cherry, even with Halloween wrapped up warmly in past week, there's always new things that happen in our Delicious Little World. Our days this week could be summed by two words: Paws & Spikes! It's Poizen Industries collection, so so long awaited! It arrived disguised in brown box, but after opening it it was just a happy bundle of hot pink, blue and purple fluffyness... Even blue monster hat has got long ears that turn into monster paws... I love it, and the best part was getting to write descriptions for these items, I sat down with each Monster Hoodie, fluffy Scene Hat and Ear Muffs and came up with most delicious words that could describe them... It's all coming online very soon, and yes, we've finally started talking about the photo shoot too! 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Need Your Halloween Gear Fast?

Zombies creep your way and you need good 'Halloween Fix' fast? Call our Happy Team for Help! Order your Halloween gear now, we'll even throw 30% OFF all telephone orders! 
Only this week, call now and enjoy stress free Zombie get-together! 

Pretty inspired by teele I've just bought...

...feel like making tutu skirt :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

How to make Last Minute Halloween Costume

Don't have fancy costume yet? Or like me you just found out you will actually be going out to mingle amongst evil crowd? Don't fear, you can still make blood chilling costume in seconds! All you need is:
  • simple black top or striped T-shirt
  • red or black teele
  • elastic band
  • leggings
  • fake blood
so teele, fake blood and elastic band you will get in haberdashery, vest or top can be found in your wardrobe together with leggings! Try to find clothes that you don't wear anymore, or borrow from sister (joking here!!). Anyway these things could get stained from fake blood, and you could not get rid of it afterwards, so pick clothes that you don't mind getting ruined!

So, easiest Halloween outfit can be done like these: first - make a tutu! Wrap elastic band around your waist, and take one thin stripe of teele (cut teele into strips beforehand), fold it in half, and hook over the elastic band creating little loop, through which you can slide the rest of the teele strip. That way you wrap the teele around the band, and the rest flows so beautifully down creating part of skirt! Do that with the rest of teele strips, and you've just made yourself little tutu skirt! 
Put on Black and White Striped T-shirt or a vest, and if you're brave, make few holes in it and apply fake blood directly to your skin where the holes are! It will look like you just went through deep bushes and what-the-hell-not to get to the party! Wear leggings (you can also make the hole / fake blood procedure on them too!), your Dr Martens, backcomb your hair, maybe grab few Twiglets to put in it and you're ready baby!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Glam Punk Black Purple Stripe Girls Jeans

Totally amazing style, great fit, skinnies made in UK! 
TIP: try these striped Skinny Jeans with tank top and studded belt! 

I will always haunt you...

Zombies never forget...
ok, so you hurt this girl at school, kissed her boyfriend and stepped on her new shoes, big deal right? But with Halloween soon, she could become a Zombie... if that happens, she will haunt you till she satisfies her hunger. Don't count on that she'll forget. Zombies n-e-v-e-r forget...

Halloween Zombie Stitches Creepy Necklace

The Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace will enhance any creepy costume... Sometimes the simplest costumes are the best costumes and the Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace surely falls into that category. 
This spine-tingling accessory will have people doing double-takes all night long, especially because it actually looks like some medieval sutures. Created by Etsy seller Kerri McAlprin, the Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace is essentially a choker that uses a clear stretch cord to create the illusion that those are real stitches on the wearer’s neck. 
A short length of chain at the clasp allows the necklace to be adjustable so as to fit around just about anyone’s neck. Each piece is made by hand without the use of molds, making each one a slightly unique piece. 
Although the Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace could be used alone, it might make for a convincing ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ costume as well. 

Pretty spine-chilling Halloween idea and it's dead easy to make too :)

Halloween Edition Girls Spooky Stripey T-Shirt

Prepare most spooky Halloween Costume now! 
Will you be Zombie Girl or Evil Chearleader? 
This Striped T-shirt is perfect for Night of Halloween fun!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Make Your Own Halloween Zombie Bride Heels!

Ok, so these shoes actually are not made by me, but as soon as I found this image on Google, I had to know how to make these heels at home. And it's easier than I thought! 
Well, first of all you need access to good haberdashery, luckily in Plymouth there is one (opened not long ago and it's my favorite place just after fruits stand). Anyway they have got two different types of red dye - one for clothes - it's dead straight dye which sinks into the fabric and you can iron it afterwards with super hot iron if you want the dye to stay permanent.

But there's also another red dye they have, and this gem is just perfect for making Zombie Bride Heels - it's 3D Dye, which when applied it doesn't sink into the fabric, but stays on top creating sort of dimensional design. This kind of dye is also used for shoes, baseball caps, backpacks, all stiff fabrics and surfaces you can think of! It's only £1.90 for a little jar, and it's enough for few pairs of heels - or other garments!

Now you probably would need white heels you don't use anymore, as this kind of red dye might leave mark, so either use old white heels / pumps or pop into your Primark / TKMaxx or charity shop to grab some simple white heels! You can apply the dye to them straight from the jar using cotton buds or little wooden stick, and leave them aside when you finish until they're completely dry (they would probably need few good hours if not whole day) so as not to smudge them.

Voila! Your own incredibly unique Zombie Bride heels ready to party! Other Zombies will be dead jeallous, we promise!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Inspired by Gothic Kawaii today...

ok, I know it's unusual look, but sometimes you can just feel there's something in the water :) So massively inspired by Couture Noir and especially Gothic Kawaii lately, and when I found ''Flare'' book by Junko Mizuno feature video, I thought how cool would be to create outfit / guide inspired by these illustrations, what do you think? I might try and tackle this tomorrow, hope you'll like it :)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Tim Burton 'Corpse Bride' Inspired Haloween Make Up Tutorial

Easy Halloween 'Gothic Lolita' Make Up

I found this photo today on Tumblr posted by someone blogging from Gothic Inspirations website, and although I'm not big on Gothic fashion, I thought this look is so incredibly current, it's Gothic but by adding big fin-de-siecle brooch, Japanese Lolita locks and cute nail art it's lifted to today's 'Cute Can Kill' sharp style. It looks like Kawaii Japanese Lolita 2011 meets Goth Princess 2007. I specially love the lower lid eyeliner style, not sure if is made using pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, but after closer look you can see the sharp pointy line below the corner of the eye might predict it is created with liquid eyeliner.
I have discovered that more lasting results are best achieved with line created first by pencil liner and then putting another thinner and more pointy line with liquid eyeliner on top. 
Also you might think black lipstick is thing of the past, but this girl is working it so well it's simply genius. Think Ditta von Tease, I cannot imagine her with any other lip colour than black or red. Red lipistick might work with this look as well, but with high buttoned shirt and brooch, red lips would stand out too much. I love this image and the more I look at it the more edgy and current it is for me. It's Kawaii Halloween Look 2011 :)