Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Be exceptional, see how biggest Clothing Brands do it.

Living Dead Souls are one of these design brands that not only survive currently in this tough economic but they are booming... I was thinking today what makes the company or even indyvidual so special, that it seperates them from the rest and let them shine like diamond in the dust. It's gotta be hard work, exceptional attention to detail, focus on the customers and their needs, and having your products as straighforward as possible. Now, exactly that! We are being snowed under every hour of every day from every angle with the ads and promotions, which makes simplicity the most powerful thing! 

But by comparing the biggest clothing brands now doing so well, like Poizen Indsutries, Iron Fist, Living Dead Souls (only to mention the alternative labels), I've noticed that they like to surprise the customer. In the most positive way, of course, whether it is by adding logo printed in awesome font, and placed on the inner side, or by adding extra jewelled skull detail to zipper pull, or simply not simply sewing the bunny ears on the hodie, but attaching them with little buttons. I think it makes the wearing process much more exciting and make customer think - "oh, how about if I buy this new Monster Hoodie with ears, what will I discover, how will they surprise me this time?"

It's also adding value, and this is the difference that makes these clothing so special, as curently it's not enough to be good, you have to be exceptional, and that's what Living Dead Souls and Poizen Industries are all about. 


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  2. wow, I live in South Africa and its very hard to find emo/scene styled clothes. However "Iron Fist's" clothing are in South Africa! They one of the only emo/scene/goth clothing brands I can find here! That's why I love their clothing!