Monday, 27 February 2012

Sometimes my posts are predicted and planned, like promo of Girls Tshirt that just arrived to Little Black Cherry or image of awesome outfit I've found on Polyvore, yet my favourite kind of blogging is uploading semi-random photo from my computer and writing about it, or about what I currently think, what's been puzzling me that particular day, or simply what I've done prior :) 
I've just discovered that new cartridge in the printer has nearly run out, although I have bought it barely in September last year... Normally it lasts about a year or so with what I'm using - printing orders, T and Cs, packet labels etc. etc. Nothing too extravagant. Yet it's run out after 5 months... I think it was the brand new logo I have placed on order despatch forms, that caused that. It looked amazing, yet it was completely black, with only white letters of our logo. It might be the case of that logo being printed with every order, that 'drank' out the ink from my poor cartridge. Therefore I've changed the logo on all orders to this one today - outerlined - designed by LBC work placement Abbie McBride - she designed so many kick ass designs for LBC, including Logos, Business Cards, promo products, and she had sweet ideas at the ready :) Thank you Abbie, hope you're keeping well xxx

Friday, 24 February 2012

Purple Alice Hoodie by Poizen Industries

this sweet Alice Hoodie and Jacket arrived earlier this week, and I've finally uploaded it online today. More Poizen Industries scene clothing is coming soon, so there will be bigger selection of printed Girls Tshirt, new Hoodies, some slashed socks and tights and pretty wicked Angel Wings! We've also made sure there is decent selection of sizes, so you'll find more and more items available in sizes S - XL

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

we heart Brookelle

Casette Tape Printed Skinny Jeans

It was really good to go to London Edge over the weekend, to catch up on all latest arrivals, order few collections for Little Black Cherry and mainly do the 'people-watching'. Oh my, how I love this show, it's one of a kind, glamorous spectacle. I would love to have more time and resources to prepare for the show, have some jaw dropping outfit and crazy hair colour, but after 5 years in alternative fashion business I'm pretty used to this avantgarde, and I know it's not really about me. But everyone rightfully wants to make an impression :)
Anyway my main focus was on product buying for next season for Little Black Cherry - and I really wanted to get few really unique pieces in newspaper design... I managed to set sweet collection with Poizen Industries and their 'Vixxen' Newspaper tunic, Criminal Damage (Edward Scissorhand) Newspaper tailored jacket and Newspaper print Skinny Skinny Jeans by Jist and Darkside. Set it all together with more Panda Tshirts by Cupcake Cult, Alice Coat, hot pink lace leggings, large fairy wings and few sweet surprises I think next season in Little Black Cherry is something of a candy treat :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Brookelle Bones 'Rainbow it Up' by Pixie Magenta Onyx!

RaINb0W iT uP..........wiTH bR00kelle BoN3$

Little Black Cherry hunts for new Hoodie Jacket!

it's been extremely cold today again, it's still Winter after all... The forecasts say there's another three weeks of cold, which doesn't make me happy. I'm going to London Edge this weekend to order new stock and the temperature in Londres is supposed to be around -2 degrees!
I think first I will visit Poizen Industries stand, it's going to be pure indulgence, plenty of plushie, acid, cyber, lolita treats, from Fluffy Bunny Hoodie and Jacket to cutest eye popping girls tshirts. I just need to remember not to order all at once, it's always a temptation, because you never know when to stop :)

i suddenly realized life is very short...

Pink Dream

So Sick Clothing - made with the intention of love, not money

check these guys out ♥ So Sick Clothing is made with the intention of love and not money, the shirts are a one time print! So when they are sold out, they will not be printed again - grab your copy now: