Thursday, 16 December 2010

This Butterfly is Lethal... new Scene T shirt by Living Dead Souls

Neon prints, lethal beauty and irresistible designs is what Living Dead Souls is most proud of. Once you're in their world, you want to reach for more and more... And you know next thing in your heands might be a teddy with bleeding heart and tee with neon ribcage splashed all over it, it's just too hard to resist!

LBC felt in love with Living Dead Souls only this year, after one of fashion shows in London, and we did everything to bring these amazing neon Scene Clothes to our shop. With most awesome selection of Kitty Ears Hoodies and (my favorite) Bunny Ears Hoodie, it's no wonder the Living Dead Souls family is growing every month! In December it was arrival of new fluffy cuddly and irresistible Hot Pink Bunny Ears Handbag and Neon Ribcage Ladies Scene T shirt.

Beauty can be lethal if combined with most amazing design and edgy message. Neon colours in this ribcage Tshirt are so totally Scene, with rainbow blue, red, green, purple and yellow, splashed all over black short sleeve Girls Tee. Irresistible, magnetic, pulling you with soft material, most flattering design and promising to bring fresh vibes to your look everyday!

This T shirt is what Little Black Cherry loves the most in Scene Clothing, everyday fashion with a deadly edge and magnetic cuteness. You can wear this Living Dead Souls Tee with Black Skinnies, plain Hoody and cute Scene Jewellery and Fingerless Gloves and it's perfect outfit all day long, lunch in a pub, college lessons, evening with friends... You'll always look just right, and stay true to your Scene roots! Perfect!

How To Hook Jelly Bracelets?

Jelly (gummy) bracelets are very popular with Scene Kids, and can usually be purchased in a pack online. Some schools have devised secret coding for the colors of bracelets they wear. You can wear your jelly bracelets as is, or hook them together. Follow these steps to hook together your jelly bracelets.

  • Find two jelly bracelets to hook together. You can use the same or different colors.
  • Hold one bracelet in each hand, and place them on a table with the right one laying halfway over the top of the left one, so they look like a Venn diagram.
  • Use your left thumb to press down on the left side of the right bracelet. Use the bottom of the same thumb to simultaneously hold down the left side of the left bracelet.
  • Grasp the right side of the left jelly bracelet with your thumb and middle finger. Lift it about an inch through the middle of the right bracelet while still holding down your thumb on the left sides of the bacelet. Lightly hold down the right side of the right bracelet with the ring finger of your right hand.
  • Bring the bracelet you are holding with your thumb and middle finger to the left, and push it down on the table into the middle of the left openning, moving your left thumb out of the way. Hook the left side of the right jelly bracelet with the middle finger of your right hand, and pull it about an inch.
  • Pinch the left side of the left jelly bracelet between the thumb and index finger of your left hand. Pull it up while pushing your right thumb down and pulling your right middle finger up. Keep pressing down on the right bracelet with your right ring finger.
  • Replace your right thumb with your right middle finger. Grab the free end of bracelet with your left thumb. Push down with the back of your right middle finger. Pull up with your left thumb and index finger, pinching the two bracelets together.
  • Push your right hand through the new openning that you created with hooked jelly bracelets. It will be snug. You may have to push and stretch the bacelets to fit your hand through.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Little Black Cherry is in Winter Issue of Alt Fashion!

Spread in Winter Issue of Alt Fashion (Issue 17) features photos from LBC latest photoshoot, organised with great help of Plymouth University, big Thank You here goes to Simon Standing, head of Photography at Plymouth Uni.

It was most amazing thing to work with 3 fantastic photographers (Plymouth Uni Graduates): Sam Gilmore, Rachel Heath and Kirsty Thomas, as well as LBC favorite models: Face of Plymouth '08, Clinton Lancaster and Ruta Kazenaite.

Click here to buy latest Issue of Alt Fashion magazine!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

DISTRESSED LOOK Denim Washed Blue Skinny Jeans

NEW Distressed Look Unisex Skinnies - so fab! Regular length, flattering low rise waist, skinny leg. Classic snow wash effect for SO HOT worn out look. Fab Skinny Jeans, awesome Scene Clothing! Hurry up, Limited Offer - only £19.99 - ends 12 Dec!

Skinny Fit Scene Emo Ladies Black T-shirtShort sleeves, neon edgy Ribcage rubber print on the front. Awesome Living Dead Souls Black Ladies Tee

Talks of next photoshoot started for good, we were hoping to get it organised in December, but I guess it's not a good time to take another challenge when all you think is to wrap it all up and head home for Christmas Holiday :) So the models and photographers (2nd & 3rd year photography Students at University of Plymouth) will meet for major Winter Shoot in January. Really exciting times, as there's so many individualities with strong vision and theme for the shoot, I do love working with people who have clear ideas and are 'on mission' :)

I am really excited to work with these young students (6 photographers - it's gonna be major!) all of them put their ideas across and gave me fresh looks on what style photos they see for our Scene Clothes collection. It's absolutely amazing to work with new talents, fresh ideas just pop out easily, and it blows my mind what can we do with it :)

Absolutely excited, we'll finally get a chance to produce quality photos for our new Big Baby Scene Jewellery collection, new Living Dead Souls Hoodies, T shirts and Bunny Ears Handbag (which arrived only yesterday!)

There's also chance to do experimental shoot with awesome Plymouth based photographer Philip Trengove and alternative makeup artist Eloise Kerr coming over from London. It might be an extra shoot, just to try new things out, but the vision of having our collection showcased this way is absolutely amazing - and look forward to both shots!

Big thank you goes again to Simon Standing, Head of Photography at University of Plymouth, who once again helped to make it all happen, his help, advice and great will are never to be forgotten, and I look forward to working with him on all my future projects.

Friday, 3 December 2010

I get so many different sale calls everyday, maybe 'many' is a strong word, but 3 - 4 a day give me enough headache. Specially when I sit by the desk all day, and phone rings just by my ear. And with number recognition I know it's another lovely sales person (or just pre-recorded message being played), so do not even bother picking up :) They got so clever now, that they do not play the message straight away, they wait few seconds till you say 'hello' or say your greeting. Efficient, polite? Don't think so. I think being sales person has got as much charm as being Greenpeace volunteering on the streets, you just feel like being kicked in 'b&*%s' 1000s times a day...

Sometimes when I'm in town and I see one of those volunteers with unbreakable smile and enthusiasm, standing there all day long in the cold (and it's pretty cold right now in UK!) I stop just to chat and cheer them up, maybe that's my bit for environment? Anyway, I admire these people, I think I would just sit and cry after an hour, and would quit and never go back. These people got nerves of steel, and I heard some Greenpeace volunteer calling his job 'gold mining' - that's cute :) What a spirit!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Black Punk Emo Skinny Unisex Stretch Jeans

Indie Scene Emo Unisex Skinny Jeans

Quality material, 98% Cotton, 2% Lycra, regular leg

Perfect Emo Black Skinnies, they look awesome with Converse!

Buy now for Christmas Delivery!