How To Cut Your Own Scene Hair?

Please have a look at this awesome step by step video tutorial on How to Cut Your Own Hair Scene. You can easily do it at home, it takes a little bit of confidence, some practice and courage :) Here are things you will need:

- Good Razor Comb - you can get it on ebay or in hair specialist web stores - if you live in USA you will probably find it in Walmart. It basically is a teasing comb with razor placed inbetween the "teeth". This is by far the easiest way to cut your hair, as you use the comb to straighten the hair and you cut it at the same time.

- Hair Clips to keep the top layer out of the way while you cut the bottom layer first

- Teasing Comb

- Hair Scissors (optional) if you prefer to use them instead of the razor!
If you can't get hold of the razor comb, grab a standard teasing com and get layering razor seperately. Make sure the razor has got plastic cover on one side so you don't cut yourself. Hold a single strand of your hair with a comb about 5cm from the ends and then slide the razor going from the comb through your hair to the very end. Make sure the strands aren't very thick or you won't get 'layered' look that is well blended in.

Check this Step by Step video and good luck!


  1. Do you have anything for cutting short emo hair?

  2. yeah my hair is short how can i cut it?:3

  3. Hey, i have curly hair and my school starts really early so i dont have time to straighten it.
    Is there still a way so look the part?
    I have already cut my hair so its more scene and i tease it and straighten my bangs. But with the makeup and everything i dont have time, so do you have a curly haired style?
    And can you also recommend the best heat protector? Thankyou c:

  4. Sigh im mixed raced and I have curly wavy hair :[

  5. hey, I have shoulder length hair that's slightly wavy but its not that thick, will this hairstyle still work???

  6. guys. this girl doesn't have anythimg to do with little black cherry, they have simply taken this video from youtube, the girls name on youtube is emmaxmaree. (she have also made a video about makeup) if you guys want to ask her a quostion, go to her youtube channel, *ghesee

  7. I have extremely curly hair and if I brush it its really frizzy how can I make this style work without looking like a poofy mess of hair

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