Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Need Your Halloween Gear Fast?

Zombies creep your way and you need good 'Halloween Fix' fast? Call our Happy Team for Help! Order your Halloween gear now, we'll even throw 30% OFF all telephone orders! 
Only this week, call now and enjoy stress free Zombie get-together! 

Pretty inspired by teele I've just bought...

...feel like making tutu skirt :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

How to make Last Minute Halloween Costume

Don't have fancy costume yet? Or like me you just found out you will actually be going out to mingle amongst evil crowd? Don't fear, you can still make blood chilling costume in seconds! All you need is:
  • simple black top or striped T-shirt
  • red or black teele
  • elastic band
  • leggings
  • fake blood
so teele, fake blood and elastic band you will get in haberdashery, vest or top can be found in your wardrobe together with leggings! Try to find clothes that you don't wear anymore, or borrow from sister (joking here!!). Anyway these things could get stained from fake blood, and you could not get rid of it afterwards, so pick clothes that you don't mind getting ruined!

So, easiest Halloween outfit can be done like these: first - make a tutu! Wrap elastic band around your waist, and take one thin stripe of teele (cut teele into strips beforehand), fold it in half, and hook over the elastic band creating little loop, through which you can slide the rest of the teele strip. That way you wrap the teele around the band, and the rest flows so beautifully down creating part of skirt! Do that with the rest of teele strips, and you've just made yourself little tutu skirt! 
Put on Black and White Striped T-shirt or a vest, and if you're brave, make few holes in it and apply fake blood directly to your skin where the holes are! It will look like you just went through deep bushes and what-the-hell-not to get to the party! Wear leggings (you can also make the hole / fake blood procedure on them too!), your Dr Martens, backcomb your hair, maybe grab few Twiglets to put in it and you're ready baby!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Glam Punk Black Purple Stripe Girls Jeans

Totally amazing style, great fit, skinnies made in UK! 
TIP: try these striped Skinny Jeans with tank top and studded belt! 

I will always haunt you...

Zombies never forget...
ok, so you hurt this girl at school, kissed her boyfriend and stepped on her new shoes, big deal right? But with Halloween soon, she could become a Zombie... if that happens, she will haunt you till she satisfies her hunger. Don't count on that she'll forget. Zombies n-e-v-e-r forget...

Halloween Zombie Stitches Creepy Necklace

The Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace will enhance any creepy costume... Sometimes the simplest costumes are the best costumes and the Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace surely falls into that category. 
This spine-tingling accessory will have people doing double-takes all night long, especially because it actually looks like some medieval sutures. Created by Etsy seller Kerri McAlprin, the Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace is essentially a choker that uses a clear stretch cord to create the illusion that those are real stitches on the wearer’s neck. 
A short length of chain at the clasp allows the necklace to be adjustable so as to fit around just about anyone’s neck. Each piece is made by hand without the use of molds, making each one a slightly unique piece. 
Although the Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace could be used alone, it might make for a convincing ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ costume as well. 

Pretty spine-chilling Halloween idea and it's dead easy to make too :)

Halloween Edition Girls Spooky Stripey T-Shirt

Prepare most spooky Halloween Costume now! 
Will you be Zombie Girl or Evil Chearleader? 
This Striped T-shirt is perfect for Night of Halloween fun!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Make Your Own Halloween Zombie Bride Heels!

Ok, so these shoes actually are not made by me, but as soon as I found this image on Google, I had to know how to make these heels at home. And it's easier than I thought! 
Well, first of all you need access to good haberdashery, luckily in Plymouth there is one (opened not long ago and it's my favorite place just after fruits stand). Anyway they have got two different types of red dye - one for clothes - it's dead straight dye which sinks into the fabric and you can iron it afterwards with super hot iron if you want the dye to stay permanent.

But there's also another red dye they have, and this gem is just perfect for making Zombie Bride Heels - it's 3D Dye, which when applied it doesn't sink into the fabric, but stays on top creating sort of dimensional design. This kind of dye is also used for shoes, baseball caps, backpacks, all stiff fabrics and surfaces you can think of! It's only £1.90 for a little jar, and it's enough for few pairs of heels - or other garments!

Now you probably would need white heels you don't use anymore, as this kind of red dye might leave mark, so either use old white heels / pumps or pop into your Primark / TKMaxx or charity shop to grab some simple white heels! You can apply the dye to them straight from the jar using cotton buds or little wooden stick, and leave them aside when you finish until they're completely dry (they would probably need few good hours if not whole day) so as not to smudge them.

Voila! Your own incredibly unique Zombie Bride heels ready to party! Other Zombies will be dead jeallous, we promise!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Inspired by Gothic Kawaii today...

ok, I know it's unusual look, but sometimes you can just feel there's something in the water :) So massively inspired by Couture Noir and especially Gothic Kawaii lately, and when I found ''Flare'' book by Junko Mizuno feature video, I thought how cool would be to create outfit / guide inspired by these illustrations, what do you think? I might try and tackle this tomorrow, hope you'll like it :)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Tim Burton 'Corpse Bride' Inspired Haloween Make Up Tutorial

Easy Halloween 'Gothic Lolita' Make Up

I found this photo today on Tumblr posted by someone blogging from Gothic Inspirations website, and although I'm not big on Gothic fashion, I thought this look is so incredibly current, it's Gothic but by adding big fin-de-siecle brooch, Japanese Lolita locks and cute nail art it's lifted to today's 'Cute Can Kill' sharp style. It looks like Kawaii Japanese Lolita 2011 meets Goth Princess 2007. I specially love the lower lid eyeliner style, not sure if is made using pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, but after closer look you can see the sharp pointy line below the corner of the eye might predict it is created with liquid eyeliner.
I have discovered that more lasting results are best achieved with line created first by pencil liner and then putting another thinner and more pointy line with liquid eyeliner on top. 
Also you might think black lipstick is thing of the past, but this girl is working it so well it's simply genius. Think Ditta von Tease, I cannot imagine her with any other lip colour than black or red. Red lipistick might work with this look as well, but with high buttoned shirt and brooch, red lips would stand out too much. I love this image and the more I look at it the more edgy and current it is for me. It's Kawaii Halloween Look 2011 :)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

I want to dye my hair like that :)

I want that hair so badly! I love two shades and that they're dipped dyed! Please could you give me tips how to dye my hair like this? What kind of dye to get - and how exactly to dye hair like that - at home? Thank you for ANY tips!! <3 Maggie xxx


For all Calvin and Hobbes fans out there...

I was browsing the web tonight, waiting for new site to take final shape, so can't really do much on website at this stage... I promised myself I'll take few days break, but you can't really do that when your work is where your laptop is :) Anyway I came across site on reddit about Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Waterson and his anti commercial requests, but also mainly about Halloween. How Calvin and Hobbes look should be regarded as not used in commercial sense, but how many people actually dress like that on Halloween this year! You always want something that is hard to get :) 

After searching for Calvin and Hobbes images on Google, I came across this awesome creation on Deviantart, and it hit me! How easily you can get Calvin's look on Halloween with Black and Red Striped Men's T-shirt! That's why this Tee has been selling like hot buns since the moment it came back in stock! This T shirt is now extremely limited, as we have only ordered it for Halloween, so if you're still looking to get Calvin's Outfit, get online and grab this Tee now - it's only £12.99 and available for Next Day Delivery (within UK, and also within 3 days worldwide).

Monday, 10 October 2011

Beware of Zombie Nuts on Halloween...

Watch out when you're reaching for those nuts at the holiday parties.
They may not be what you think.

Easy way to make your Nails Kawaii Style

Ok, I love Kawaii lately, I'm crazy about all the little Plushie creatures with big eyes and tiny cute smiles! I'm thinking of subscribing to one of Japanese fashion magazines, but I can bet there's ton and a half of these out there, if you know of any good ones, please email me, I'd be very grateful!

Anyway, back to nails, I've just discovered over the weekend, how easy is to make Kawaii looking nails - you don't even need special skills, extra time or manicure tools - only two different shades of nail polish! I chose Yellow (No.34) from Barry M and Blue (Mint Choc Chip) from 17. They are bright candy looking shades and I painted my nails in two different colours, which means I applied blue nail polish to every other nail, and the same with Yellow one! And also I painted my nails the way, so my thumbs are different colours, so one is Yellow and the other one is Blue! Also did the same with other nails, it looks so incredibly awesome, I'm so proud of that :) 

Try that at home, for Halloween you can pick Black and Orange, or Yellow and Orange (these colours are so big right now!), Black and Red or Black and White! 

Have fun :)

this look was inspired by Katy Perry's candy look:

Thursday, 6 October 2011

French Moustache Quirky Scene Necklace

So French, So Vintage! Black Scene Girls Necklace!

Cute Acrylic Black Moustache Necklace on silver plated chain

Jumbo Scene Kids Jewellery, moustache is 60mm wide, on 46cm chain

Try this quirky Necklace with Vintage hairstyle and Moustache Ring!

SUPER LOW RISE Red Scene Skinny Jeans

Classic Scene Clothing Skinnies, taste best with Converse 

Quality stretchy material, 98% Cotton, 2% Lycra 

Urban Red Scene Emo Skinny Jeans

Long Chain Ear Cuff - what do you think?

so I found this long Ear Cuff today, and I couldn't get my head around it, how does it work? Is it a chain hooked over your ear? Is it genius and I simply can't get it? What do you think? Would you wear it? Or maybe you already have one and could not see a world without it? I would love to hear your opinion :)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ok, so today I decided to pick one Necklace from my new collection, and I went for Gloomy Bear Kawaii Japanese style Necklace. This necklace is quite special for me, as I have spent quite a long time setting the beads for this one, and I have to admit, the 'Bloody beard' on the Bear is not irregular by choice... I admit, I have just started my designs from this particular Gloomy Bear, so it's far from perfect. But after speaking with Maggie, we decided that although it is different from my standard designs, this Necklace has got character, bit of me in it, it's just unique, I still remember making it :) I always value these quiet evenings when I can sit and focus on my work.. Although now Necklaces don't take me so much time to make (practice ;D ) and with familiar designs now it all seems more mechanical, yet the first batch I've made for Little Black Cherry brings happy memories, bit special, and I hope they will give you as much joy, as I had fun making them :)

Faith @ LBC 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Watch Out! Cute Can Kill...

You can trust no one on Halloween. There will be many cute creatures sporting friendly gestures, but don't be fooled. They might look like they're coming for a hug, but don't get sentimental. They won't...