Thursday, 20 October 2011

Halloween Zombie Stitches Creepy Necklace

The Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace will enhance any creepy costume... Sometimes the simplest costumes are the best costumes and the Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace surely falls into that category. 
This spine-tingling accessory will have people doing double-takes all night long, especially because it actually looks like some medieval sutures. Created by Etsy seller Kerri McAlprin, the Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace is essentially a choker that uses a clear stretch cord to create the illusion that those are real stitches on the wearer’s neck. 
A short length of chain at the clasp allows the necklace to be adjustable so as to fit around just about anyone’s neck. Each piece is made by hand without the use of molds, making each one a slightly unique piece. 
Although the Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace could be used alone, it might make for a convincing ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ costume as well. 

Pretty spine-chilling Halloween idea and it's dead easy to make too :)

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