Saturday, 30 April 2011

How To Make Skinny Jeans Fit Your Style?

Ok, today I'm so inspired by super skinny skinny jeans, baby zebra skinnies to be precise. I've grabbed these babies few weeks ago, and honestly they work like magic every time. Don't want to repeat opinion old as the world that skinnies jeans are back, as we all know that. But difference is all in the design - material, colour, fit and comfort. Jeans Skinny should be well fitted on bum, and shouldn't require extra trips to shops to make them look fab. They should fit into your style, and the clothes you already have ;) Now, when it comes to my Baby Zebra Skinny Jean, they can transform my old boring plain vest or cardi into glam rock chick outfit! Honestly, even my green waterproof parka looks like from fashion catalogue when i wear it with zebra skinnies to my local co-op! It's insane! These Girls Jeans do half work when it comes ot pimping a style. Best investment of last year. Hope there's few more to come still :>

Friday, 29 April 2011

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Help! I want my Hair Different and Unusual!

hey Kidds, so I know the scene look is everywhere nowadays. I've been called a scene kidd for quite some time now. My question is does anyone know ways I can get my hair dyed unusually that isn't cliche and not common color? I'm 15 and school code doesn't allow abnormal hair cuts.

I've had my hair dark purple and the teachers didn't notice, and if they did they acted like they didn't care. I was thinking about dying it bright red but I'm afraid they might say something? and I am biracial and have "virgin hair" so when I once had coon tails they bleached the spots and it fried my hair, so I was wondering if anyone knew someway I could dye my hair that is different and not boring?

Also if anyone is thinking about getting their septum pierced, I have mine pierced and it hurt extremely bad! But it's worth it. :) Anyone know how I can convince my mom to let me get snake bites as well? She's afraid they will scar but many people have told me they will just leave extremely small dots you can barely see or it closes back.

Also anyone know a good size to gauge your ears that is cute but doesn't make the outside part look all stretchy and gross? thanks! :)

Darkside Zombie Mens Hooded Jacket

DARKSIDE Mens Black and Green Zombie Hooded Sweater

Friday, 22 April 2011

Just bleached my hair auburn!

GUYS! How are you all! I just bleached my hair with Live XXL dye range, from black, and i've gone an auburn colour! Very impressive! :'D Have you ever bleached your hair? Total distaster or win? ♥ Faith  @ LBC

Saturday, 16 April 2011

knitting scarf today, experimenting with new patterns, yeah, i actually went online and looked up new knitting patterns… still my scarf curls at the edges - so annoying, need to figure out how to stop it curlinggg…

Friday, 15 April 2011

DARKSIDE Evil Clown Men's Premium T-shirt

DARKSIDE Premium Red Label Tee, made in UK!
Easy care Scene T shirt, super soft material
Jumbo print on the front, try this Tee with Purple Skinnies!

How To Create Rockabilly Look and Make Up?

Rockabilly Chicks - they look stunning, like little porcelain dolls, but with a deadly edge. I love this look, it's very flattering and girly. And it's all about curves! Welcome back curvy figures :) Rockabilly Chick loves super skinny jeans, red and black combinationas, quirky dresses, platform shoes and little accessories in her hair. How can you possibly ressist that look? Think 40s working wonder women posters and you're in the subject.

First, the make-up: it's all about porcelain complexion, strong eye make-up and red dominant lips - Rockabilly Chick knows what she wants from her look!

Before you start, moisturize thoroughly your face and neck, so the make-up sticks for longer. For the flawless complexion, use foundation with good cover - eg. L'oreal in your natural skin tone, and put it evenly on your face, eye-lids, and partly on your neck - to mix with your skin. You don't want to look like wearing mask, right? Now, apply loose powder all over your face and neck, and for pale porcelain skin, use one 1 - 2 tones lighter than your skin tone.

Now, the eyes - create one thick line along the upper lashes. Make sure to dab it from the inner part to the outer. Also, stick to the lash line whe doing this - just don't over-do it :) Little tip: put the loose powder as the base so the pencil won't smear by the end of the day. Leave the the lower eye-lid bare, for ultimate vintage look.

Mascara is now your best friend - get one for extra long lashes (eg. L'oreal), rather than thickenning one, to achieve the ultimate girly, lolita look. Apply two coats of black mascara - just on the ends - and be careful not to clump the lashes together.

Lips - they need to be of strong color - no doubt about it, dark red, dark pink, any shade is good as soon as it's bold and strong. Get soft lip pencil to contour your lips, and then fill with a lipstick. Remember to use similar shades of lip pencil and lipstick, with a lipstick 1 - 2 tones lighter. We know - not everyone likes dark lips, so don't force yourself - it should be natural how you look and feel, if you prefer delicate lip gloss, it's fine, just make sure it all 'works' together ;)

Hair is very important for Rockabilly Chick - and we are talking about strong hair color - platinum blond, dark red or devilish black - and forget about hair extensions! This look is not about the siren waves and highlights, we're talking bold, shocking styles and electric combinations. The ideal length is to your arms, with curly ends, close to your head. Fringes are back - short, curly, and very cute! Create the dolly-lolly locks with curling iron - it's your new best friend ;) Use plenty of hair-pins to team up your hair - put a hair-band or Paisley Bandana, if necessary. Have the hairspray ready for the total control of your hair. Crown your head with some funky red / blue hair clips and you're done!

Remember - it's fun, quirky look - it's colorful, and trendy. If dolly dresses are not your type of pie, don't worry - go for funky chess shirts (tie them at the front ;), super sexy skinny jeans, and animal print - as always in! Converse are also perfect with Rockabilly Chick look ;)

'Candy Love' Aqua Blue and Hot Pink Skinnies Set!

'Candy Love' Aqua Blue and Hot Pink Skinnies Set!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

My tip today is for all my fellow curly haired scenesters! NEVER.TOUCH.YOUR.HAIR.WITH.HOT.IRONS it wil give you split ends and make you look like u went through a hedge backwards! The same with teasing it will give the same effect... My advice is to have a side parting so you have one very thin side and one massive poofy side - I call it the naught n nice effect <3
Meshi @LBC

Monday, 11 April 2011

Scene Make Up Idea #2

Looking for new Facebook Admins again, and it's trial week! So excited about it, I love fresh new ideas and tips by Scene Kids, it's all coming straight from LBC fans, and being read by LBC fans, so it's so true and close to life. Choosing one final Admin this Friday, so girls have really difficult challenging time - good luck to them, and look forward to all your posts <3

Hot Pink Skinny Jeans - LBC Style Room

Sin título

Friday, 8 April 2011

Being sick isn't fun! And i've also wanted to talk about this topic for quite a while now, so why not do it now when I have time? :D

You've wanted to dye your hair, get your nose pierced and get 'Love Hate' tattooed onto your knuckles for quite a while now, right? I wouldn't really call this a guide, but more like information.

Okay, so here we goooo!~

Hair Dye:

  1. Okay, first before you go hanging onto your mom's legs screaming and having a tantrum because she won't allow you to dye your hair, think about it from her point of view...
  2. Hair dye CAN be damaging to your hair, i.e bleaching, you are at a young age, she doesn't want you to ruin it!
  3. AND it can be expensive if you getting it done at a salon, or you don't wanna ruin the bathroom with splatters of black dye everywhere!
  4. First of all, sit her down, have a chat about it, telling her you know where she's coming from, tell her you'll pay for getting it done!
  5. You'll have dye it when you need to, and you'll use good hair masks to condition it to keep it healthy!
  6. But please, DON'T HAVE A TANTRUM! I did once, big mistake, they'll just see you as immature and won't let you.


Most parents don't mind ear piercings, but facial piercings? No way to them!
Usually parents worries are:
  • You'll get in trouble in school.
  • it will get infected
  • They'll seem like a irresponsible parent!
Okay, like the hair dye, try to see where they are coming from, facial piercings are cool, but yes, they CAN get infected, and if you don't go to a qualifed piercer,( or even do it yourself) it might get worse!

  1. Tell them you'll clean it everyday (or whenever is said by the piercer)
  2. You'll take it out for school (If your school are picky with piercings)
  3. Say to them you could get it done during vacation, so you won't get in trouble in school and you'll be allowed to take it out when school starts!


Okay, please, REALLY REALLY Do try and see it from your parents view!

  • Tattoos are permament, unless you get them lasered off of course, which is supposed to be painful and expensive!
  • Usually parents don't want to let you get tattoos at a young age, as you might regret it at a older stage of your life.
  • And tattooists usually dislike to tattoo people under the age of 18, even if you do have parents permission.
  • I guess, if you want to try to persuade your parents, draw up your tattoo, get something that ACTUALLY means something to you ! (Like a memory of your passed away granpa etc.)
Ps. You don't need all of the above to be 'Scene', Scene is a unique style, be who you wanna be! be YOUinque!

Faith @LBC

Customised shoes?

So last weekend I spent on knitting and customising my wardrobe. Well, I just had to fix handbag - material has gone wrong :/ Anyway I was wondering how many of you make / customise your own shoes? It's the most risky thing, but if you know what you're doing, the effects can be totally awesome. If only I was more artistically gifted :<

Sunday, 3 April 2011

10 Facts about Panic! At The Disco by EFFY @ LBC:

1) at the 2006 MTV music awards,panic at the disco won for the best video-I write sins not tragedies, they won over Christina Aguilera, Madonna & the red hot chilli peppers.

2) the band was formed in 2004, in las Vegas,Nevada.

3) before the band became famous, Spencer worked in a doctors officewith his mom,whilst Brendon alternated working as a land surveyor and in a smoothies hut!

4) it was actually Ryan and Spencer that started the band.

5) there are 4 members of the band, Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Brent wilson and spencer smith.

6) Pete wentz helped the band get to where they are now & helped them achieve the bands' dream

7) the band contacted Pete wentz, through live journal & sent him a link to the bands pure volume site, (a site in which they uploaded their music to). Pete was extremely impressed and helped the band to get their music out to the world,and for the boys to be signed to a record label

8) panic at the disco can be shortened to PATD

9) panic at the disco is signed to decaydance records which is fuelled by ramen imprint label

10) Ryan Ross,a member of the band played keyboard, guitar, piano, organ and accordion - as well as writing the lyrics to the song "but it's better if you do"

Friday, 1 April 2011

Scene Make Up Idea #1

Some of you think this might be off topic, but as I have the chance to talk to so many of you, I want to talk about this.

I want everyone to comment below with their thoughts on bullying & If you've been bullied yourself!

I was bullied for years, Don't be shy!
I want to make a change & help others that have been in the same situation.
Everyone please remember you ARE beautiful & strong, you are NOT alone ♥! Effy @ LBC