Friday, 22 April 2011

Just bleached my hair auburn!

GUYS! How are you all! I just bleached my hair with Live XXL dye range, from black, and i've gone an auburn colour! Very impressive! :'D Have you ever bleached your hair? Total distaster or win? ♥ Faith  @ LBC


  1. Hi, just wanted to ask, because I'm going to dye it this next week and my hair is chocolate brown. Did you bleach it first to blonde and then dyeed it with the live xxl or did you apply directly the xxl?
    In case you did the first thing, which bleaching colour did you use? Because I tried it once and it was a disaster, but I want to try again.

  2. hey I have emailed Faith for advice, and we'll post the answer very very soon >.<

  3. Hey Anon :) Faith here.
    Well firstly I had my hair dyed black with LIVE XXL for a good few months, I applied Ice blonde by XXL and it turned my roots orange and the ends auburn/brown. It depends what you want to do with your hair o: If you want a full on blonde colour you may indeed 2 - 3 boxes, but if you are putting a colour over it use 2 boxes :) I hope this helped you! Just ask any questions if you like :3 - Faith