Sunday, 3 April 2011

10 Facts about Panic! At The Disco by EFFY @ LBC:

1) at the 2006 MTV music awards,panic at the disco won for the best video-I write sins not tragedies, they won over Christina Aguilera, Madonna & the red hot chilli peppers.

2) the band was formed in 2004, in las Vegas,Nevada.

3) before the band became famous, Spencer worked in a doctors officewith his mom,whilst Brendon alternated working as a land surveyor and in a smoothies hut!

4) it was actually Ryan and Spencer that started the band.

5) there are 4 members of the band, Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Brent wilson and spencer smith.

6) Pete wentz helped the band get to where they are now & helped them achieve the bands' dream

7) the band contacted Pete wentz, through live journal & sent him a link to the bands pure volume site, (a site in which they uploaded their music to). Pete was extremely impressed and helped the band to get their music out to the world,and for the boys to be signed to a record label

8) panic at the disco can be shortened to PATD

9) panic at the disco is signed to decaydance records which is fuelled by ramen imprint label

10) Ryan Ross,a member of the band played keyboard, guitar, piano, organ and accordion - as well as writing the lyrics to the song "but it's better if you do"


  1. You know they broke up last year, right?

  2. no, only two members quit due to 'artistic diferences', but got replaced, and the band is still alive and kicking <3

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