Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Maggie Tuczapska from Little Black Cherry has decided to take fresh approach to shooting store's new clothing collection 2010. Online store's owner teamed up with Plymouth Uni students to create Summer photoshoot in the spirit of Glastonbury Festival. Three young photographers showcased their creativity and fresh ideas to capture outfits perfect for any festival goer. In went all funky LBC apparel, american NewBreed Girl T-shirts - so popular with teenage girls, Death Kitty Hoodies (worn by Hollyoaks' Lauren Valentine), unisex Skinny Jeans, trilby hats and fun accessories to complete the look. Little Black Cherry's main customers are 13 – 30 year old, who's fashion style is highly influenced by indie music stars, like Arctic Monkeys, Fall Out Boy, 30H!3 and more.

The photoshoot has taken place in Plymouth University's studio, courtesy of Head of Photography Simon Standing. The photos were being taken by Sam Gilmore, Rachel Heath and Kirsty Thomas. Although in the heat of their final year exams, they were happy to work with Little Black Cherry once more. This is last chance for them to do a shoot together, as these young Plymouthians plan to move to London to expand their talents on bigger scale.

LBC shot with their regular models – Lithuanian alternative model Ruta Kazenite, Plymouth Argyle junior's coach Clint Lancaster and Face of Plymouth'08 winner. Whole team had fun styling the outfits and coming up with new ideas - big thank you goes here to Sam Gilmore, who was directing the models, and his fantastic ideas were winner every time.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

WIN Goodie Bag Worth £20!

LBC knows good things taste better when shared. That's why we're giving away (yeah, just like that!) totally awesome and freaking cute Goodie Bag worth £20! It's full of Scene Treats to brighten up your days and re-store the joy! But how to get this amazing Goodie Bag?

There's one sure way - take part in our Survey! Click the link below to start the fun, answer few questions and Goodie Bag might be flying your way! Don't hesitate, get clicking now:

Competition ends 31st August.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

How To Get Perfect Line with Eyeliner?

If you want to apply your eyeliner in a perfect straight line there are a few things you can do.

The first is to apply it with your elbow on a table/countertop ect.

The second is to first put dots along your lash line and then you simply connect the dots going from the inside of your eye to the corner and then wing it out (:

submitted by Sammy Bell


08/05: 'Love the look of liquid liner but hate the mess? Heat your pencil liner with your blow-dryer before you line your eyes (dont press too hard)' - Kasey

10/04: 'i use about 2-4 different colours of eyeliner to give it that more edgy look and to match my hair, to do this without it looking messed up this is how i do my eyeliner put a very thin but dark layer of black on the bottom and top then get a brighter bolder colour like bright blue and apply a thin but heavey layer underneath the black to make ur eyes stand out get a different colour like white or pink or purple and apply heavily to the corners of ur eyes joining up the 2 other colours if u think u could pull it off try a flick at the outer corner of ur eye xx' - alixandra

08/04: 'I use pencil eye-liner :) i apply it by firstly going over the line where yaa bottom eyelashes grow, then do another layer to thicken it up. then i pull the same eye lid down and colour in the rim ( the dampish bit which touches yaa eye ball ) which makes it look thicker and makes your eyes more pronouced. but i have to keep adding layers on through the day as it wears off "/ x' - Rhiaanna(:

31/03: 'if you use liquid eyeliner, use one with a sponge tip as opposed to a thin brush. so much easier!!' - Freya Magenta ;) ..x

04/01: 'I use Jordana eyeliner cuz its so friggin cheap and easy to replace if I lose it and the eyeliner is so soft and dark. It smudges sometimes but all u hafta do is NOT touch ur face anyways. Hope that helps! :)' - DreamScene

03/01: 'I make mine really messy, then use a Q-tip and makeup remover to shape it the way I like.' - Ms. Wewt Wewt!

31/12: 'when you use liquid eyeliner on your eyes try not to get it in your eyes cause they will water and make it run' - britanya angelic ramirez

20/11: 'well its not a tip but i question; what is the best type of pencil eyeliner that doesn't smudge and lasts all day?' - Kristina <3

16/11: 'Wing the eyeliner with a curvy brush,and get M.A.C. fluidline. My inspiration for it is Melissa Marie from the Millionaires' - Sabrina Saur

11/11: 'when creating the cat eye effect with liquid eyeliner BEWARE of you eye i used to keep prodding mine and it really stung so if you use one hand to pull ur bottom eyelid down and keep your mouth open (you will look horribly abnormal as you do this) i found it helps heaps!!' - Steph

31/10: 'for the bottom lid, put pencil first, and then go over it with water proof liquid.' - kaytii katastrophee

27/10: 'for school make up, always use a pale foundation. don't lay it on thick and also don't wear eyeliner in the tear duct cause it's really obvious, especially to teachers who wear makeup themsleves. If you wanna get away with make up, then make it look simple but effective and cute.'

15/10: 'Hm, if you do regular pencil eyelinerrrrr, put it on the inside of your eye, close em, and move the pencil back and forth, make sure the tip is sharp, or else SPLINTERS SHALL HAPPEENN xD lets avoid that at all costs (: works wonders, lemme tell ya.' - jessica <3333

17/10: 'aftrer applying eyeliner get the the tip of your finger and kind of rub your bottom lid togive you the smokey eye look.' - Mariah Christine

17/10: 'ALWAYS be careful of what eyeliner you use for example the little eyeliner that you twist (not pencil) are NO good for the emo/scene look - it takes a long time to apply and we all don't want that. Thanks and Good Luck' - deja armendariz a.k.a R!0t

17/10: 'i usually apply A LOT of yeyliner on top and bottom lid (using a black eyeliner pencil), then i dip a cotton bud into some cream and take some of it off. it works really well and you can either get a really clean line or smudge it a bit if you want... then of course i apply a double coat of mascara and add some colour eyeliner if im in the mood. and voila =]' - Gee Gee

17/10: 'Basically try it out for yourself if you're a beginner and find your technique that you're good at and practice for a while before u go out for real with it. I find the best look is to get a flawless look with foundation and apply eyeliner to top and bottom - thick or thin depending on your confidence and apply blusher if you want some colour to your skin then add neutral lipgloss' Mrs Brightside

19/10: 'I sometime use my blow dryer on high to get that extra-softness for my pencil eyeliner,and it can easily smudge and is perfect for the smokey effect.' - Brittany

27/10: 'well, you don't want to loook like a poser, trying to much on. This is my normal routine.

For the make up i apply foundation, and then the eyeliner goes last, after the eyeshadow, and the mascara and evertyhing.. so it stands out more.

I normally use redish or blueish colours, but black will do of course : &&

Like some other people have said, for the clothes, get some really bright jeans, and a baggy or tight top, with a logo of a band/group. But remeber, MCR, or greenday or any of them, will just make you look like a poser.. :)

IncredibleIsabel xxx'

29/10: 'i love hot pink! so i normally do my top eyelid with liquid first, ofc add the outter and inner flicks. then bottom with pencil, making sure its all connected from corner to corner. then i usually put the pink on. on the eyelid, above the eyelid, sort of reaching half way between the crease and eyebrow. then on top of the flick. and then go over the liquid eyeliner with pencil. very deep and dramatic. show stopping eyes :) don't forget mascara. i usually use it side to side, i put about 3 coats on. and do bottom lashes, its wayy better. make sure their not clumpy either.' Amanda W-W

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Death Kitty Black and Green Striped Knuckle Scene Hooded Top

Black and Green Stripe Ladies Emo Hoody

Cute fitted Death Kitty Stripe Hood, must have!

Full zipper on the front, funky white knuckle detail

Try this Hoodie with Black Scene Skinny Jeans!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Audrey Kitching has revealed her new hair! We think it looks fantabulous! It's really original, and we're happy she kept the pink in - it wouldn't be Audrey without touch of Pink! But what do you think? Is it good look? Leave a comment!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Aqua Stretchy Scene Emo Skinnies

Funky Aqua Stretchy Scene Emo Skinny Jeans

Quality material, 98% Cotton, 2% Lycra, Regular length

5 pockets, accessorise these Jeans with Electric Jewelry!

Buy now for Next Day Delivery!

Fancy a Piercing but parents say NO?

We all love changing our look every now and again - new hair, heavy make up, new clothing style... We also like trying something more permanent - tatoos, piercing, hair dye (maybe not super permanent change, but still tricky to get rid of when it goes wrong). Now, how to convince your parents you really want to get piercing, dye your hair, or start wearing something new and different?

We collected few really helpful (and tested!) tips from you, check them out now and if you've got any of your own tips too, share them with us!

"If you want to convince your parents you really want piercing, try doing things to get them change their minds. Such as getting good grades cleaning without them asking if u do things such as smoking, drinking, or even drugs, try to stop, so you can show them that u can be responsible. If they see a change in you, they might feel the need to reward you."

"I wanted a lip piercings but my mom wouldn't approve. I tried convincing her into it, but she kept saying no. So I went against her and pierced my lip myself. She was disappointed in me, but I talked to her. It was just a stud, and the one thing that got her to let me keep it was "you have tattoos, those are permanent. I can take out the piercings, if you're scarred." ha, it worked. And now I have snakebites. I guess you can pull that line if your parents have tattoos. :D"

"Try getting the magnet piercing first and then tell your parents it's real - note their reaction and if they are like gasp about it, take them out and show them, but if they don't make too big of deal about it just tell them that they are real and later go get them done 4 real..."

"What I did to convince my parents was I went online and got all the info about taking care of piercing and the cost and everything and showed it to them to prove I had thought about it and knew what I was getting into so they knew I was serious about it and that it wasn't just a phase or something I wanted because one of my friends had it done..."

"Well, if you pay for it with your own money and tell them that you will help out around the house I'm sure they will let you. I'm 17, I'll be 18 in february.. but with my parents if you pay for it then its okay, they wouldn't like it if i did but once it's done they get over it eventually... so good luck!"

"You could say that's the only thing you want for christmas or your birthday. oh and comprimises are good too. example: my mom wants me to have good grades, so i asked her.. "so if i get all straight A's will you let me dye my hair purple?" and she said yes. something like that sort of comprimise. good luck :)"

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

How can I become Alternative Model?

Becca wrote to us asking for advice on becoming Alternative model. She's 16, she lives in USA, and she's very photogenic.

I think the best place to start is internet, do some research on alternative models, read the interviews - models often tell about the beginnings - maybe it was in an alternative models' agency, maybe they were scouted, or maybe they simply contacted alternative photographer and started their own portfolio.
There's also plenty of online guides on becoming alternative model, here's just one:

Perhaps you have got experience of your own, please share your tips, maybe you can help Becca and others on their way to becoming  new alternative model?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

How To Take Care of Your Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are the easiest way to get big Scene Hair, funky color streaks or amazing straight bottom layers. They can be made of natural or artificial hair. You can buy them at Claire's, Sally's or online in various places. But how to take care of them to stay and look the same for longer? With your tips, we've created few useful things to remember when applying hair extensions:

  • If you get real hair extensions, you can treat them as you would your natural hair: you can wash and dye them. They're really great, however, if you straighten them too much they get split ends and so forth so they need trimming like normal hair.
  • Before you apply the extentions, backcomb that section of you hair first and then clip the extensions in, it will make them stay and feel more secure.
  • Wash them every two weeks, and condition them every week - the reason to do it is because straightening dries them out and they need to be conditioned more often to keep the right look for longer

Monday, 5 July 2010

Which Girl is Wearing This NewBreed Girl T shirt Better?

OMG, Ruta and Debbie were caught wearing the same NewBreed Girl T shirt! It is, we have to admit, real awesome crunkcore Tee, and both girls made an effort to wear it different way. But now there's huge trauma on the horizon - which one looks better? Ruta, who completed the look with Neon Green Scene Skinny Jeans and Black Trilby, or Debbie, who went for more classic vibes and wore this Scene T shirt with Red Skinnies and Summer Wayfarers?

Help us decide, click here to vote now!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Do I Have To Tease My Hair To Be Scene?

I love being scene but my hair always seems to be a problem. I have such thin preppy hair that even if I tease it, all it does is fall flat... so
do I have to tease my hair to be scene?

Nicole Hall ~ RainbowFreak

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