Thursday, 31 March 2011

LBC Style Room - Neon Green Skinny Jeans

Going To Festival? See What To Pack!

Festival season is nearly here! From muddy Glastonbury to posh Wireless, whatever the place, occassion or music, we all wait for these events. It's more then just pure music apprecciation, it's time to go crazy, forget about everyday rules, and eventually mingle with celebrities!

Now, what to take with you to stay safe, warm and comfy? There are two secrets to festival fashion:

  • lightweight
  • layers

Festival goers know there are far more important issues then looking good - first of all you need to feel comfy to enjoy music - often in rainy weather, cold or late at night! Check the weather forecast before you take off and pack accordingly

STYLE IS A BONUS, NOT A NECCESSITY - anything goes, so go crazy!

Pack List:

  1. Wellies - opt for plain version rather then novelty prints as flowery wellies will make you look like farmers' market reject
  2. Casual dresses / tunics - easy way to make an outfit, and they look awesome with wellies!
  3. Scruffy pants / Skinnies to hide dirt
  4. Warm jumper / Hoody
  5. Few T shirts you can layer - when it gets warmer, simply take some off!
  6. Sun protection - hats / sunglasses - you will be outdoors all day!
  7. Bottle opener - keep it always with you, it's magic tool on festival ground that will help you make new friends
  8. Pack more socks and clean pants then you think you'll need
  9. Few bikinis - which will look good under strapless or halterneck dresses, and will mean you can shower under water pump without stripping
  10. Raincoat

Appearing as if you have made too much effort is so not cool though. The best approach is to carefully plan some outfits at home (styling yourself in a humid tent by torchlight is not advised), make sure you have few fancy dress accessories, then forget about grooming and fashion once you arrive.

Leave straighteners at home - looking a bit scruffy around the edges is what's it all about!

Now Few Practicalities:

Pack light, it is usually dark (festivals are often held in rural locations away from city lights) - you will need torch to get to your tent / car after dark

Washing facilities will be very limited, so pack clothes with 'staying power' and do not show the dirt - we recommend dark color Skinnies (you can easily fit these into wellies!), printed Tees and Hoodies - they disguise any stains way beter then plain clothes

Take several light layers, weather can be changeable, as well as temperature

Take this opportunity to experiment, you can get away with anything! Most importantly, enjoy yourself and make awesome memories!

DARKSIDE Black Short Sleeve 'Hello Kitty' Scene T shirt

Skinny Fit Evil Kitty Fun Girls Tshirt. Black and red awesome design, made in UK! Jumbotastic 'Hello Darkside' print, delicious fit! TIP: try this Girl's T-shirt with Zebra Skinnies and Scene Jewelry!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Help, I Want My Hair Different and Unusual!

I want my hair to look Unusual!

hey Kidds, so I know the scene look is everywhere nowadays. I've been called a scene kidd for quite some time now. My question is does anyone know ways I can get my hair dyed unusually that isn't cliche and not common color? I'm 15 and school code doesn't allow abnormal hair cuts.

I've had my hair dark purple and the teachers didn't notice, and if they did they acted like they didn't care. I was thinking about dying it bright red but I'm afraid they might say something? and I am biracial and have "virgin hair" so when I once had coon tails they bleached the spots and it fried my hair, so I was wondering if anyone knew someway I could dye my hair that is different and not boring?

Also if anyone is thinking about getting their septum pierced, I have mine pierced and it hurt extremely bad! But it's worth it. :) Anyone know how I can convince my mom to let me get snake bites as well? She's afraid they will scar but many people have told me they will just leave extremely small dots you can barely see or it closes back.

Also anyone know a good size to gauge your ears that is cute but doesn't make the outside part look all stretchy and gross? thanks! :)

- Dny <333

Friday, 25 March 2011

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Have problems with hair all over the place after you straighten it? I have a tip! After you blow dry your hair, leave it for up to half an hour for it to cool down again  before straightening! This stops it being so fly away!

You can ask ANY questions in the comments and I'll answer them asap!♥

Effy @ LBC

Saturday, 19 March 2011

How To Care For Split Ends?

If your hair is dry and damaged, you may have split ends. Those flyaway pieces that occur at the ends of your hair keep your style from looking perfect and can get worse over time if you don't take proper care. While you can't mend a split end once it occurs, you can treat your split ends so they look as good as possible and you can take steps to prevent more split ends from forming in the future.

Here's how:
  • Get your hair trimmed regularly so split ends can be cut off.
  • Understand if you don't remove the split ends you have, the damage will continue to work its way from the ends of you hair on up, causing further breakage that can't be repaired.
  • Minimize your use of styling products, which can build up and cause further problems.
  • Stay away from vent brushes with plastic bristles. Use only all-natural bristles on dry hair, or a wide-toothed comb on wet hair. This will help prevent more damage. 
  • Shampoo less frequently to keep hair from becoming drier. 
  • If you must do something with your hair on the days you don't wash, try just conditioning your hair. 
  • Opt for a deep conditioner regularly. How often you use it and what type depends on the condition and needs of your hair. 
  • Use a treatment product that says it will treat split ends. Even though it can't reverse the damage, it can improve the look of your hair. 
  • Understand that longer hair is more prone to splitting because the hair has been around longer and has experienced more damage. Therefore, if you suffer from severe split ends, consider trying a shorter style. 
  • Minimize exposure to sun, chlorine and heat, as all of these factors can damage your hair. 
  • Steer clear of coloring or perming your hair if it is in especially bad condition. These processes will only make it worse. 
  • If you must blow-dry or curl your hair, select a low setting and use as little heat as possible for the results you seek. Also hold the blow-dryer a little further from your head than usual so the heat will be more diffused. 
  • Whenever possible, let your hair go natural, since with frequent trims and gentle care, your hair will look its best. Use a leave-in conditioning treatment for extra protection for your hair. 

Caution: Ask your stylist never to use a razor to shape your hair, which could cause further split ends. 

Quick Tips: Avoid using elastic bands or metal clips in your hair, which could break strands. Instead, use fabric-covered bands, which will be more gentle. Use hair products containing sunscreen to help protect your hair.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

playing with top banners on most of pages today, I love that our photographers chose Graffiti wall in our park for last shoot, it adds so much to the photos :) Amazing job, this banner went on top of Delicious Deals, got some more coming to Bestsellers, Scene Jewellery and Skinny Jeans n.~

Monday, 14 March 2011

How To Add Volume To Your Hair Without Teasing It?

Kiki Kannibal with big Scene hair

We love big hair, the more volume the better! But teasing is not the only way to add extra 'umph' to your hair! To make it really stand out, be big and proud, and stay that all day, we've prepared one small trick for you.

After you wash your hair, blow dry it on round brush! Take top layer on a brush, and go with it from roots VERTICALLY to the ends while blow drying it. This way you'll lift your hair by the roots, and add extra volume without teasing it! When finished, simply spray with hairspray and you're ready to go! It takes much less time then teasing, and doesn't damage your hair at all - good luck!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Hayley Williams - The Goddess of music, fashion and MAKE UP!

Face it, Hayley is gorge! with no make up or not, Jeremy Scott outfits to tracksuits.
This is just one of Hayley's simple yet effectively beautiful eye make up! (:

What you need need:
  • Liquid Eyeliner ( If you aren't comfortable with using liquid, use a smooth eyeliner pencil )
  • Green Glitter eyeliner OR
  • A Green Glitter Eyeshadow while using a thin shadow brush.
  • Baby wipes (in case you make mistakes )
  • White eyeliner

Step one: The Black eyeliner!

For Liquid/Pencil (Top):

Start off with drawing on three dots above your lash line, this will be your guide line. Follow these dots, one at a time please! don't get ahead of yourself!

For the flick, if you are unsure about getting it right, use a white eyeliner pen until you get the desired shape, then trace and fill it in!

To avoid those extremely annoying ' eyeshadow/liner shadows on your eyelids, either but eyeshadow primer on your eyelids before using or use a loose foundation powder over your eyelids after the eyeliner has dried out.

If in doubt, use this video as a guideline (:

Ideal eyeliner liquid:

BUDGET: Rimmel Waterproof Eyeliner

Splash OUT!: Any M.A.C liquid eyeliner ( I use a Hello Kitty one n.n )

For the bottom:

Hayley put on this Green Eyeliner quite thickly, yet not to thickly to look like a green Raccoon! I found this peerrfeeccctt eyeliner colour, and size! POP Glitter Eyeliner in 'Moss' (Green)

To Apply:
Eyeliner pencil is quite easy to apply. but if in doubt use the 'Three dots' guide, and you'll be smokin' -sss-
Have fun with this look, if you don't like this look, Alter it! you'll look even better and unique as you made it! Even Hayley W will be proud!

Good luck and make sure to have fun!

Faith @ LBC 'Ox