Thursday, 29 September 2011

Halloween At Home? Make It To Die For!

Ok, so you really don't fancy going out on Halloween and party till dusk, but want to make it differently this year, do something special - and you're off Trick 'r' Treating stage :) Now there's few chilling activities you can do at home to make this Halloween the One to Die For!

Cast a Spell! You want this gorgeous boy from Year 11 to finally notice you - and adore you? Here's the time and place to make it happen! But prepare! You can't cast a serious spell it in your everyday clothes... It doesn't work that way, your costume needs to be very special. Don't have Witch's hat or pointy toes? Fear not, most mysterious Black and Pink Stripe Kitty Ears Hoodie will cover your earthly look, and get Halloween Spirits on your side. Add magical Purple Striped Skinny Jeans, plenty of candles, spiritual music and you'll have power in your hands...

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011

Halloween Night - Rise of the Planet of the Zombies

By Faith Holmes <3
Didn't you hear? Before we were all on this planet, it was run by Zombies, they lived in perfect Harmony, before the humans came, we destroyed their world, and made it our own, this baby is back for revenge, this cutie can kill.

What you will need:
  • A onesie 
  • A soother 
  • White/pale foundation 
  • Green make up 
  • Blood (fake, please!) 
  • A teddy bear

Where can I find these?!
  1. A onesie - you're probably thinking, ''What?! I'm not a baby! '' but now you can get all in one suits for children / teenagers / adults etc! You can purchase these in Primark / Penneys or Google Search it. 
  2. A soother - any good supermarket, in the baby section (: They are quite cheap too! Or you can purchase a candy soother in a candy shop. 
  3. White/pale foundation - While it might be hard to get a 'white' foundation in a drugstore, you will easily purchase pale foundation in a drugstore, or find white foundation in a costume shop. 
  4. Green and red make up; as in lipstick and eyeshadows; Again in any good drugstore or costume shop!

Step one: Right, so let's start off with the onesie, get it on, right now!

Step two - Apply your foundation. This is a very simple step, either apply with your fingers or with a foundation brush, make sure you blend down to your neck.

Step three - The fun part (: The Zombie-fied look! First off, get your green make up (you can use green lipstick or green eyeshadow, but eyeshadow would be easier to blend).
Apply the green around your eyes, and blend, blend, blend! So you look like a very tired Zombie. Then apply the fake blood where ever you like, I would advise around the eyes (so it's like your eyes have been gouged out or fell out, you're a Zombie remember!) and around the mouth.

Step four - Stick that soother in your mouth, and carry around a teddy bear with you (Cute can kill, right?) You can also Zombie-fy your teddy bear... if your dare ;) (or carry your Skelanimal teddy around :) ) - Faith @ LBC xo

Friday, 23 September 2011

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

that's my new hat, winter hurry up now so I can wear it ;)

What do you think of my New Fluffy Hat? That's my favourite Hat ever and can't wait to start wearing it, just need some quality Winter Time :) But this Trapper Hat looks wicked even with short sleeve T-shirt and Summer clothes, it's just awesome accessory! Are you also fan of hats?

Neon Green 90s Radio Girls Handbag

90s are back! Totally wicked neon Green Handbag 

Scene Girls Jumbo Speakerphones handbag

Awesome School Hand bag, make your Uniform Scene easy way!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Don't Explain Yourself to People who don't Understand!

At Understand, truly unique British Clothing Company, guys make awesome products for someone who believes change is possible. They make the change happen! Their clothes is for guys and gals out there passionate about life, doing what they want to do and not having to explain themselves to people that don't Understand. If you have ever been asked why you spend your days in a tour bus or why you get up at 4am to surf freezing waves then you Understand. 

At Understand they don't make clothing for anyone. They make them for people with passion, commitment and belief. Their shirts are hand drawn and they only use fair trade shirts. This means you get guilt free, high quality, custom designed product from a truly unique company when you buy Understand.

Show your Passion, see new Understand Collection!

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