Monday, 26 September 2011

Halloween Night - Rise of the Planet of the Zombies

By Faith Holmes <3
Didn't you hear? Before we were all on this planet, it was run by Zombies, they lived in perfect Harmony, before the humans came, we destroyed their world, and made it our own, this baby is back for revenge, this cutie can kill.

What you will need:
  • A onesie 
  • A soother 
  • White/pale foundation 
  • Green make up 
  • Blood (fake, please!) 
  • A teddy bear

Where can I find these?!
  1. A onesie - you're probably thinking, ''What?! I'm not a baby! '' but now you can get all in one suits for children / teenagers / adults etc! You can purchase these in Primark / Penneys or Google Search it. 
  2. A soother - any good supermarket, in the baby section (: They are quite cheap too! Or you can purchase a candy soother in a candy shop. 
  3. White/pale foundation - While it might be hard to get a 'white' foundation in a drugstore, you will easily purchase pale foundation in a drugstore, or find white foundation in a costume shop. 
  4. Green and red make up; as in lipstick and eyeshadows; Again in any good drugstore or costume shop!

Step one: Right, so let's start off with the onesie, get it on, right now!

Step two - Apply your foundation. This is a very simple step, either apply with your fingers or with a foundation brush, make sure you blend down to your neck.

Step three - The fun part (: The Zombie-fied look! First off, get your green make up (you can use green lipstick or green eyeshadow, but eyeshadow would be easier to blend).
Apply the green around your eyes, and blend, blend, blend! So you look like a very tired Zombie. Then apply the fake blood where ever you like, I would advise around the eyes (so it's like your eyes have been gouged out or fell out, you're a Zombie remember!) and around the mouth.

Step four - Stick that soother in your mouth, and carry around a teddy bear with you (Cute can kill, right?) You can also Zombie-fy your teddy bear... if your dare ;) (or carry your Skelanimal teddy around :) ) - Faith @ LBC xo

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