Monday, 31 May 2010

Sparkly Black and Red Stripe Short Gloves

Black and Red Striped Emo Gloves

Sparkly Short Fingerless Gloves, one size fits all

100% Acrylic with metallic thread, a must-have!

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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Clinton Lancaster - LBC in-house bad boy, true cowboy at heart, is one of our Fab3 Models. In this photo he's wearing Slash's favorite - Disturbia Mouse printed T-shirt, teamed with Dark Red Skinnies. This massacre version of Disney's character is not to everyone's taste, but once you're into it, this Tee will make your day each and every time you put it on. Designed and produced by young British clothing company, this T-shirt holds amazing quality, attention to even smallest detail, and funky eye-catching print.

Try it with LBC Black and Red Striped Hoodie and Black Skinnies, or go for Punk Emo Red Striped Skinny Jeans - any Black / Red or Black / White combination will will be a winner!
LBC Summer Photoshoot went really smoothly, all three photographers from Plymouth Uni - Sam Gilmore, Kirsty Thomas and Rachel Heath - spent this sunny day in the studio, and although in the middle of their busy period, they were happy to work with LBC once again. The models were fabulous as always - Ruta Kazenite, Clint Lancaster and Face of Plymouth'08 worked hard to create funky and interesting poses. We've all had fun styling the outfits and coming up with new ideas for the next shot - big thank you here for fantastic Sam, who spent the day directing the models, and his ideas were winner each and every time.

Summer Festival was the main theme of the shoot, so in went funky jewelry, trilby hats, headphones and jumbo sweets. Ruta and Clint had fun doing the piggy-backs, and Debbie shown her athlete skills once we all wanted to see her jump! Kirsty and Rachel monitored every photo on the screen and were brilliant when it comes to seeing if the photo is a keeper, or should we re-do it for ultimate results - big thumbs up!

Now look forward to the results!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Black / White Checkered Funky Mens Emo Hoodie

Urban Retro Scene Emo Checkered Hooded Top

Black and White Check with black linen

Made from 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester, top quality!

Cool Mens checkered hooded top, a must-have!

Monday, 24 May 2010

How To Create Ultimate Rockabilly Look and Make-Up?

Rockabilly Chicks - they look stunning, like little porcelain dolls, but with a deadly edge. I love this look, it's very flattering and girly. And it's all about curves! Welcome back curvy figures :) Rockabilly Chick loves super skinny jeans, red and black combinationas, quirky dresses, platform shoes and little funky extras in her hair. How can you possibly ressist that look? Think 40s working wonder women posters and you're in the subject.

First, the make-up: it's all about porcelain complexion, strong eye make-up and red dominant lips - Rockabilly Chick knows what she wants from her look!

Before you start, moisturize thoroughly your face and neck, so the make-up sticks for longer. For the flawless complexion, use foundation with good cover - eg. L'oreal in your natural skin tone, and put it evenly on your face, eye-lids, and partly on your neck - to mix with your skin. You don't want to look like wearing mask, right? Now, apply loose powder all over your face and neck, and for pale porcelain skin, use one 1 - 2 tones lighter than your skin tone.

Now, the eyes - create one thick line along the upper lashes. Make sure to dab it from the inner part to the outer. Also, stick to the lash line whe doing this - just don't over-do it :) Little tip: put the loose powder as the base so the pencil won't smear by the end of the day. Leave the the lower eye-lid bare, for ultimate vintage look.

Mascara is now your best friend - get one for extra long lashes (eg. L'oreal), rather than thickenning one, to achieve the ultimate girly, lolita look. Apply two coats of black mascara - just on the ends - and be careful not to clump the lashes together.

Lips - they need to be of strong color - no doubt about it, dark red, dark pink, any shade is good as soon as it's bold and strong. Get soft lip pencil to contour your lips, and then fill with a lipstick. Remember to use similar shades of lip pencil and lipstick, with a lipstick 1 - 2 tones lighter. We know - not everyone likes dark lips, so don't force yourself - it should be natural how you look and feel, if you prefer delicate lip gloss, it's fine, just make sure it all 'works' together ;)

Hair is very important for Rockabilly Chick - and we are talking about strong hair color - platinum blond, dark red or devilish black - and forget about hair extensions! This look is not about the siren waves and highlights, we're talking bold, shocking styles and electric combinations. The ideal length is to your arms, with curly ends, close to your head. Fringes are back - short, curly, and very cute! Create the dolly-lolly locks with curling iron - it's your new best friend ;) Use plenty of hair-pins to team up your hair - put a hair-band or Paisley Bandana, if necessary. Have the hairspray ready for the total control of your hair. Crown your head with some funky red / blue hair clips and you're done!

Remember - it's fun, quirky look - it's colorful, and trendy. If dolly dresses are not your type of pie, don't worry - go for funky chess shirts (tie them at the front ;), super sexy skinny jeans, and animal print - as always in! Converse are also perfect with Rockabilly Chick look ;)

Friday, 21 May 2010

Scene Hair wouldn't be the same without beatifully created side swept bangs. It requires lot of practice to get desired shape of your bangs, here we've got few tips to help you create your perfect fringe:

  • First - how to cut your side swept bangs: part your hair to one side, and on the side with the most hair, pick out a front section. Cut it in a downsloping angle. You can do it yourself, but if you are nervous, get it done at a salon, and trim them yourself from then on.

  • Now styling: Avoid the hairdryer! The simplest way to add shape to your side bangs is to let hair air-dry. If you regularly air-dry, simply take extra few seconds after brushing and use a comb to define your part.

  • Comb all your bangs to desired side and arrange across your forehead. They will stay because your hair is wet. If your bangs are longer, you can add bobby-pin to hold them in place while you finish getting ready.

  • When your hair dries, just shake loose and spritz with a bit of hairspray.

  • Flip your head upside down to add volume if you must blow-dry. Spritz your hair with a heat protectant. Dry with one hand and use the other hand to pull your bangs to the desired side. You can also dry standing straight up, using a round brush to brush your bangs to the side as you dry.

  • Try these tricks: after your bangs are sufficiently dry, finger-style your bangs, then take a comb and spray with a light coating of hairspray. Use the comb to mold your bangs into place. Another option is to spray your fingers with the hairspray, then use them to sculpt your fringe. Top either off with an extra spritz head-on.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Why People Pick On Others For How They Look and Dress?

Hi, i would like to know, why do people pick on others for being so called "scene"? I got picked on at first then I actually stayed home for ages. Then I got popular on bebo. And now well everyone says I'm pretty, my pictures are amazing. I look like a model ect.

And you know what some girls moan about they wana be thinner cause apparently that's scene to be thin... err no it's not. I'm thin im size 12 but im tallish i got flat stomac ect i durno if your americans or w.e but your mad to think being ultra thin is scene i just dont understand why people fuss so much:/

Give it time ur learn new things and some advise - don't backbrush your hair so it looks like a birdsnest. And don't use stupid false colourd extecions most of them look so fake and tacky.

Most famous scene kids dont dress in bright stuff anyway its more indie style thats "scene" now so no offence ;]