Thursday, 27 May 2010

LBC Summer Photoshoot went really smoothly, all three photographers from Plymouth Uni - Sam Gilmore, Kirsty Thomas and Rachel Heath - spent this sunny day in the studio, and although in the middle of their busy period, they were happy to work with LBC once again. The models were fabulous as always - Ruta Kazenite, Clint Lancaster and Face of Plymouth'08 worked hard to create funky and interesting poses. We've all had fun styling the outfits and coming up with new ideas for the next shot - big thank you here for fantastic Sam, who spent the day directing the models, and his ideas were winner each and every time.

Summer Festival was the main theme of the shoot, so in went funky jewelry, trilby hats, headphones and jumbo sweets. Ruta and Clint had fun doing the piggy-backs, and Debbie shown her athlete skills once we all wanted to see her jump! Kirsty and Rachel monitored every photo on the screen and were brilliant when it comes to seeing if the photo is a keeper, or should we re-do it for ultimate results - big thumbs up!

Now look forward to the results!

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