Thursday, 28 October 2010

New Big Baby Jewellery just landed in LBC, and today we can't get enough of touching this beauties. Juicy rich shades, amazing thick acrylic, you can see they are made with enormous attention to detail, each and every curve, ending is finished with love. We adore this new collection, and Maggie, style and beauty editor, snapped the Red Berry Bow Bangle straight away. We have to say, it looks simply stunning with neon pink nail polish she's sporting today, and we're slightly jealous. Cherry Hair clips will be a must as well, their juicy, and look like they walked out straight from Alice's Wonderland. We're positively amazed today.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Butterfly Nose Up Clip Lifting Shaping Clipper?

wow, and I thought it was a joke... you can actually buy these (100 pcs in a pack) online, what a joy, I always felt my nose lacked some tasteful accessory.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dark Colour Nail Polish - How to Avoid Nail Discolouration?

I personally love my nails being done, always paint my nails everyday, seems like hassle, but I so got used to it now, it takes me only around 3 mins to do two coats. I love it! My bathroom stand contains more nail polishes then face tonics, creams and cotton pads. There's nothing more fun for me then picking new color nail polish. 

But what I really dislike is having discoloured nails after using dark pink or orange nail paint for too long. What I used to do is just give my nails a 'color-rest' for few days and paint them in some light pink or nude. 

But what I discovered just recently, is that you can put first coat of light pink nail polish (going directly on your nails), and then second coat your favourite dark colour! There's no more discolouration, it works like a treat. Just get your dark nail paint from quality brand (my favourite is Revlon) that will give you good coverage. When it comes to base nude nail paint, I usually go for Maybelline, as their polishes work really good for my nails, they don't over-dry them and don't cause split nails. Really recommend!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Eggplant helps fade freckles?

Freckles are beautiful, but if you're desperate to fade them, there is hope. 

Take a freshly cut slice of eggplant/aubergine and rub it on your freckles each morning. In about a week, you should notice significant fading. 

It won't remove them completely, but it should fade them enough to be less noticeable, or so that you can use a little make up to conceal them.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

How To Become Convincing Evil Hitchhiker?

Hitchhikers are not always chatty happy breed, specially ones hiking in Halloween period. They can be rather little less friendly, and more hungry. For extreme. So no surprise hitchhikers are often pictured as evil murderous kinds in horror movies. Now for Halloween night you can become one of them, it's also breaking from usual Zombie bunch.

It's deadly easy to become convincing Hitchhiker from Hell. You don't need new shiny clothes, old trousers, T-shirt and some good old back pack should do the job. If you can, treat your trousers (specially the ends) with pumice, to give them some worn-out effect and take some threads out. It will look like you have done good mileage to date. Having a backpack with you is both great prop as well as practical thing, you can always keep there drinks, cosmetics etc. Just find some really old rucksack, you want to convince all you are dedicated hitchhiker indeed...

Now to add some spice to your outfit here's important bit - to differentiate from your average hitchhiker you need to look evil. Prepare cardboard sign saying 'ANYWHERE' but add to it some blood stains, eg. sprinkle it with red paint, or make red smeared hand prints all over it - it will freak all out! If you can grab some toy axe, knife or chainsaw. Just to make sure you fit into murderous tone of the night...

Thursday, 21 October 2010

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

How To Do Zombie Makeup?

Zombies are growing popular for Halloween look, it’s their time! You got the outfit, attitude and right moves, but what about the makeup? You want to look the part, not too life-like, otherwise you’ll be recognised as human among other Zombies, and results may be fatal... So get ready, read these tips to become true Zombie:

  • You should be pale, your face can’t bear any life juices underneath, so arm yourself with some good coverage white / pale foundation and powder. Cover all your face, mouth, around the eyes, ears, and the neck! If you wish, spare some of this treat on your arms and hands if uncovered.
  • Get some seriously dark eye shadow: grey, navy and green work best. Put it on your upper and lower eyelids, you can mix all three colors together for even better effect. Create dark circles around your eyes and blend it well. 

Haunted House Halloween

Haunted House

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Zombie Makeup Inspiration


Use a foundation a shade lighter than your natural skin colour, and apply it evenly into your skin, and also below the jaws and chin, to blend it with your neck, and avoid 'mask effect' :) On top of that apply very pale compact powder.
Using black eyeliner, create a thick black line, on both the top and bottom.
Take a grey eyeshadow, you can apply this all over the lid, and even below, for the 'no sleep zombie' look.
Apply mascara and some red or black lipstick. 
You don't have to be too careful with the makeup. 
The more smudged and dramatic looking, the better!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Black Punk Emo Skinny Unisex Stretch Jeans

Indie Scene Emo Unisex Skinny Jeans

Quality material, 98% Cotton, 2% Lycra, regular leg

Perfect Emo Black Skinnies, they look awesome with Converse!

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Halloween Black and Red Stripe Mens T shirt

Black and Red Striped Emo Men's T shirt

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

How To Become an Alternative Model?

Alternative modelling is getting more and more popular, with burlesque, rockabilly and psychobilly trends getting into mainstream fashion. Edgy looking girls are deffinitely more popular now then polished models back from the 90s! Alternative modelling becomes quite attractive thing to do for young aspiring photomodels. But how to get into this, where to start? Taken from interviews with current (and in demand) alternative models, as well as our own experience, we've prepared few tips which will help you start in this business...

  • First - practice posing at home in front of the mirror! The more you do it, the more aware of your body you'll become. You should always know how stand, tilt your head or smile to look best in front of the camera. Should you look from down or up? Should you place your hands on the hips, or on waist? You will learn it quickly and soon automatically know how to pose!

  • Now, the make up. The rule is to put heavier make up for the shoot then you do everyday. More foundation, eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow - always accentuate your eyes! Try different make up at home and take pictures of yourself to find the right look. You will be often required to do your own make up for the shoot, so practice it as often as you can. Invest in good quality cosmetics and don't forget to take them with you every time you got booked!

  • Preparations: when meeting with the photographer for the first time, take your portfolio pictures with you, no matter the quality (no harm in having professional photos done, of course) but the point is to show how versatile and photogenic you are. Photographer will judge you, not the quality of the photo :)

  • When booked for the shoot, bring as many accessories as possible: shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, find out what is the main theme (eg. Summer Catalogue, Halloween, Burlesque) and bring whatever suitable. People on the set will cherish you for something unusual which will spice up the photos, ie. funky feather hat or cool sunglasses!

  • When arriving at the shoot, always be on time, take printed directions with you and contact telephone number in case you get lost! Also remember to take packed lunch and plenty of water with you - the shoot might take all day, and heat from the lamps can be exhausting.

  • Be patient, listen to instructions of photographer and other people on the set, be natural, relax, but come with your own ideas too - it can be really appreciated!

Black Fishnet 'Gothic Lolita' Long Fingerless Gloves

Long Black Fish net Fingerless Gloves

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Thursday, 7 October 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Every morning I get new email from LOOKBOOK, which is brilliant site (unfortunately I'm not a member) but has got people posting their outfits online. It's amazing and inspiring thing, love these daily emails, it's always first thing I do when I go to my laptop... With breakfast in my hand, coffee on a table, just love scrolling down through images, outfits of people from all over the World...
This candy cutie is Moi B. from Bremen, and I just love how she works baby doll look, specially love her jumbo bracelets, is it new Scene Queen on the spot? Will keep my finger on the pulse...

SPOOKY... Let's pretend we're on TV :)

Jeremy Gilbert - Halloween

Sunday, 3 October 2010

SUPER LOW RISE Red Scene Emo Jeans Skinny

Urban Red Scene Emo Skinny Jeans

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Performing Lucky Escape - Halloween 2010

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Pirate Halloween Costume

As Crunk Core As It Gets?

So what do you think of this fresh new trend - Crunk Core? I'm sure you've seen these Crunk Kids - they insist it's a brand new trend, although in my opinion it's been there since all Scene trend started, and evolved from there...

I talk neon color clothes, printed Hoodies, foil print Tees, Jumbo Diamond Jewelry and shutter shades. I talk BrokeNCYDE. Shutter shades, let's face it, are bit on a rotten side now, as they were popular for a very short time, and quickly the bubble burst, once you could get them for free as promo items. But Neon Color Clothes, clashing prints, designs and firing combinations? Yes, please...

So what do you make of the whole Crunk Core - new trend set to stay or something to forget? Leave a comment!

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