Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Black Veil Brides outfit by Pixie Magenta Onyx!

my soon to be outift

Brookelle Bones in Sailor's Hat!

First day of true winter in Littleblackcherry Land...

Oh how I don't like cold weather, I knew it must be cold outside, as the heating was working all the time this morning to keep the temperature (normally it's on for an hour, then cools down and on again after few hours). I felt the cold right away when I left home, brrr... I was lucky I went jogging yesterday, although it was rainy and dark I managed to jog in my vest. I wouldn't be able to do it today. I decided it's time to hit the gym tomorrow - it's cosy and warm - and I'm going to wear my Black and White Stripey Girl Tshirt - I love this little Tee. It reminds of me of times when I was training to Half Marathon 3 years ago - I was wearing the same Tee :)

Never Shout Never Competition

Today I've been sending out latest Christofer Drew's competition to magazines (US so far), I'm so glad I have finally done it, Jamie - our web designer, has been advising me to do it since August last year, so yay! One step forward in good direction. I have come up with nice text, gripping title - I hope - and let's see if people will be interested in publishing this competition in magazines :) Oh, and the competition is simply one question (really easy!) and the prize is the Sailor Hat that Christofer Drew is wearing in this photo! It's wicked little hat, we've got only it available here in LBC and waiting for a lucky winner! 

Haha, so funny - Brookelle Bones video bit off the record...

Monday, 30 January 2012

IT BOYS! Debut UK single release “Guys Don’t Like Me”

LA pop-rockers IT BOYS! bring the hit factor to the UK with their debut single release on EMI/Century Media Records

New kids on the block IT BOYS! are set to shake up the UK pop-rock scene this spring with the release of new single “Guys Don’t Like Me” on March 12.

Offering up more than just good looks and catchy hooks, this exciting Californian alt-pop five-piece have been rapidly gaining notoriety in Hollywood with their fresh, upbeat sound, amassing a celebrity following which boasts the likes of Ryan Scheckler, Rob Kardashian, Demi Lovato, 3OH!3, Good Charlotte and Joel & Benji Madden.

Currently championed by MTV US, the group have released an eye-catching and energetic video for the new single, which has caught the attention of artists like Jesse McCartney and Hollywood’s own “It” girl Miley Cyrus, who have taken to Twitter to express their love for the up and coming group.

View the video for “Guy’s Don’t Like Me” here:


Having toured nonstop in 2011 with the likes of Jeffree Star, Dev, Carolina Liar and partaken in the Vans Warped Tour, the band are  now currently in the studio working to complete their full-length debut album – slated for a summer 2012 release in the UK.

The IT BOYS! comprise of Matt Cutshall - vocals, Jeff  Oster- guitar/vocals, Tommy  Coops - bass/vocals, Duck Leary - drums/vocals and Judah Leary– guitars/vocals.

For further information head to:



Februrary will be Brookelle Bones month at Little Black Cherry!

What info about Brookelle Bones would you like to see?

Monday, 23 January 2012

My new hair obsession...

Ok, I must admit,  I have got the most irrational attitude with my money. I won't buy Cathedral cheese (my favourite) but instead get Sainsbury's brand cheddar, which is 50p cheaper, or won't buy my favourite nice aromatic coffee but go for the one that's on sale that day, yet later spend £3.50 on one single cup of coffee in Starbucks... My economy is so false, it's unreal... 

I'd rather spend £7.00 on new hair styling kit because of my current obsession with wavy hair, instead of buying new quality face cream (which, let's face it, I clearly need). I've dyed my hair some time ago on dark colour, and I absolutely love it, I will stay brunette for a while :) Now after over 30 years of having dead straight hair I lust for California Waves... There's few products that can actually give this effect, without the need of buying curling iron. You can get some sprays and creams that you apply to either damp or dry hair and scrunch your hair till you get desired effect. It looks lovely, well for an outsider not familiar with this sophisticated technique I look like someone who really needs a combe. And mirror, sadly, and the hair gets really dry and dull... 

But you get fraction of a wave, who cares about sticky coarse hair if you can sport a WAVE... ahh, I'm sure I'll get better with making my hair curly, and probably buy curling iron at some point, till then I'm happy for my hair to look scruffy but wavy :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Trying to motivate myself...

I would love to think I'm self motivated, but some days are just against you, no matter how hard you try. For example I sit down to write new article for Alt Fashion, and then I remember I haven't been on Facebook for last 20 minutes, and then I find this awesome chilled out song, and then all your plans for the day are just gone in a puff of smoke...
Anyway, I would love to recommend a movie I've watched last night - 'Upside of Anger' with Kevin Costner, really amazing, especially if you get angry a lot - it's explained it's so not worth getting angry :) Lesson for me too actually...

Monday, 16 January 2012

Hotel resorts in Torquay...

we ♥ new 'Hotel' series on tv, it's documentary series on staff & Guests of Torquay's hotel, it's so entertaining! Interesting fact is 'Fawlty Towers' was inspired by one memorable stay of John Cleese in one Torquay Hotel, it makes me wanna visit this place soon... 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Cupcake Cult Monster Hat gets Top Place on Bestsellers list in Little Black Cherry!

I have finally sorted out our Best Sellers page today, it's finally up to date and shows what have been the most popular in last few weeks :) Poizen Industries have made really good job with their Plushie jet black and neon pink Monster Hat, it's been so in demand last month, especially with all Christmas shopping :) 
It's extremely appealing, made from cuddly fabric that covers your hair and ears and cheeks so there's no risk of feeling cold when you wrap up :) You can hide your hands in big paws, and each comes with it's own little monster claws - that's too cute!!
I felt in love with this Monster Hat as soon as I opened our first Poizen Industries clothing delivery, it was funny day to see all these Monsters, Dinos, Pandas and crazy paw bearing creatures hijacking our office. They became part of our everyday lives now, and believe me once you try this Cupcake Cult Monster Hat with Spikes there's no turning back to your ol'regular beannie, your soul belongs to cupcake and co!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Watch how your Jeans are made while you wait & then take out!

Made Here from 3x1 on Vimeo.

Create Wicked Blood-Stained Nails

I know it's past Halloween, but I've been browsing through old folders today and I stumbled upon images which I have collected when working on last Halloween's promos. You know, Jack Skellington Nails, tumbstone cupcakes etc etc. I really miss Halloween, it's been so incredibly inspiring, and when I was working on promos I felt like a kid in a Candy store haha :) So forgive me for this little bump, but I started uploading new nail polishes online into our store, and I found this wicked tutorial on how to create Blood Stained nails, hope you like it :)
It's a really easy nail design for those of you who want to add a little something to your vampire or vixen ostume. I think this would also be perfect if you wanted to do something simple for Halloween. 

Products used: 
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • Dark Red Nail Polish
  • Black Nail Polish 

Scene Lilac Eye Liner Pencil by Laval

Delicate Lilac Eyeliner by Laval for Scene Kids is perfect to create Japanese Kawaii cute girly make up for school! Ideal school eyeliner for Scene Girls, buy best Scene cosmetics up from LBC! 

Monday, 9 January 2012

Cute little denim shorts :>

I absolutely love them, I found them today on Polyvore, they're handmadeby US artist who makes them on request and sells on her website, they just blew my mind... If only I had $200 spare, I would consider, for now I'll just sigh and awe :D


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Killer Panda 'I Heart Nerds' T shirt arrives today :)

 Yesterday I have finally ordered all Kitty Ears Hoodies, Monster Hoodies with Ears, Ear Muffs that had been out of stock plus few new additions to Poizen Industries clothes collection. I haven't been ordering any more stock after 15 December, so with Christmas purchases the stock boxes in our warehouse looked pretty empty :) But luckily yesterday all the best selling designs have been re-ordered and it should all arrive today! Together with this brand new Purple 'I Heart Nerds' skinny T-shirt - I think it looks wicked, I've ordered only 1 piece per size to check if it sells, and if it's popular I'll order full pack :)

Monday, 2 January 2012

Definitely ordering more stock today...

Back to work now after Christmas and New Year's break - End of Month, new stock orders, closing one bank account and switching all standing orders and direct debits to other account, and also back to old self :) I'm so glad I finished knitting my scarf over Christmas - and today I plan on buying some soft baby wool to start knitting baby hat and mitts (perhaps) for my niece. Also some seriously exciting resolutions / plans made for 2012 - got my lucky diary already, which is a great start :) 

Let 2012 bring you all Hope and Happiness you wish for xxx