Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Black Rebel Panda Skinny Fit Girls Hoody

Black fitted Scene Girls Hoody with little Panda Ears!
Wicked Panda pockets, jumbo Rebel print on the back!
So cute and delicious Panda Hoodie, superbly fitted, amazing look! 

Fight For the Colour!

Red hair seems to hate us, we NEED TO FIGHT FOR IT MAN! Try everything you can to keep it in, use color shampoo & conditioner, try not to wash your hair as much as possible (gross I know, try dry shampoo and/or baby powder to get rid of greasy roots) and WASH YOUR HAIR WITH COLD WATER! It will lock in the color! 
I dyed my hair last week BRIGHT RED (See photo) and it's already faded! Any other tips to share? ♥ - Faith @ LBC

Monday, 27 June 2011

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Thursday, 23 June 2011

iPOOD Offensive Black Printed Short Sleeve Tshirt

Funny White iPOOD rubber print on the front

Most awesome Men's Tee - naughty 'n' rude

Short sleeved Tee, Boys favorite scene clothing!

BUY 2 FOR £12.00!

TIP! - This ones a secret one:D!

When you buy a lipbalm,go for the red tin of Vaseline! They're only about £1!

I use mine as a lipgloss (it's tinted quite pink!)

And I also use mine as a blush! It helps save money! :D

It also moisturises your cheeks AND your lips:) - Effy @ LBC

Living Dead Souls 'Super Momiji' Black T shirt

Jumbo 'Super Momiji' print on the front and the back!

So delicious fit, cute Summer T-shirt, Manga Girl Power!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Beatiful Endings...

Ok, so I love going to Toni & Guy for awesome hair cut, and I got to terms with a fact that I NEED to style my hair after every wash, otherwise it will just look awful, even with good haircut. But, I noticed that most important thing is to take good care of the ends - split ends can spoil the whole look!
Recently I started using good quality conditioner (bought Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends yesterday), also after wash I spray my hair with heat protecion spray by John Frieda, and again when my hair is dry - it really makes my hair super soft, the ends have a bit of curl in them - I love it!

Awesome Red GAME OVER Men's T-shirt

Most awesome gift for Stag Night!

100% Cotton, white rubber print on the front

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Have You ever Pierced Yourself?

Ok, so Faith @ LBC is thinking of piercing her septum - she's got all professional needles and clasps, and she's watched all videos on youtube how to do it... Now it's the difficult part - actually doing it :) She's bit scared, and she was wondering if any of you guys pierced themselves before? If so what was your experience? Vote in a Poll and comment! <3

Monday, 13 June 2011

'Over The Rainbow' Delicious Neon Skinnies and T-shirt Set!

'Over The Rainbow' Delicious Neon Skinnies and T-shirt Set!

Just created new delicious Girl Clothing Set - 'Over The Rainbow' Juicy Lime & Refreshing!

Twiggy In Search For Ultimate Mascara...

I'm just in the middle of buying Mascara - and it's always a mission, because I'm still trying to find the Ultimate Mascara... Every single one is similar (yeah, you noticed it too :D ) but I'm still hoping to find the one - which will give my lashes nice length and curl. Ive heard about new 'Falsies' Mascara - apparently this one is really good. I'm gonna try it on eBay today, maybe will find some good deal :)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Oui, Surprise Me!

I love Surprise Gift Sets! All sorts of things can be found in LBC Surprise Package! Would it be this sweet Ribcage T shirt UK you had your eye on, or maybe candy jumbo Barbie Necklace? If you picked £50 worth Gift Set, you can be sure to get some candy sweet Skinny Skinny Jeans and Jacket Hoody (maybe even the one with little Kitty Ears on the Hood!).

We love making the Gift Sets, Maggie just loves diving into LBC boxes of treats and picking some tasty bits for Surprise Gifts. It's just so exciting thinking what the person who will open the Gift is like? Does she like neon clothing or more animal prints? Jumbo Girls Jewellery or maybe hair accessories? It's so exciting - the process of picking up delicious Scene Treats and making them into dreamy Gift Set!

Scene Emo 100% Cotton Black Trilby Hat - only £2.99!

This hat looks amazing with Men's Scene Clothing

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Emo Hairstyle for Guys - What's Hot?

There is plenty of tips for ladies how to create their Scene Hair, but we haven't forgot about you guys! To prove we still love you, here are some really good tips how to get and keep your hair in Emo style with minimum time and effort!

The really good thing about the boy Emo hairstyle is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to create one. This is very much a “do -it- yourself” hairstyle, as well as one you can get a professional stylist to do.
It’s all about personality and your preferences. Emo hairstyle should be crazy and all over the head. It’s also a hairstyle to have fun with.

Another great thing about boy Emo hairstyles is that 
  • it can be created by anyone.
  • you can do it on your own, or have your best friend do it
  • you can choose to go to a salon that specializes in the Emo haircuts
The standard Emo cut is normally layered in many different lengths. A razor can be used on the back so that it will have a spiky look, with longer bangs in the front. An important part of the Emo haircut is to have some uneven strands framing your face.

Here's few simple steps how to style your Emo Hair: 
  1. Add hair glue to the front bangs. This will make them stiff and straight, just the way that Emo bangs should look
  2. Gel can be added to the back of your hair, so that it will stand out straight. This works really well if you have the back of your hair shaved shorter.
  3. Having the back of your hair shaggy and long is even more versatile.
Have fun experimenting with different hairstyles to reflect your mood, go crazy and spikey if you feel more rebellious and enjoy!

Black and White Striped Men's Short Sleeve Tshirt

100% Cotton, great fit Mens Striped T-shirt

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Liquid or Pencil? What Kind of Eyeliner is Better?

What kind of eye liner should I get? I use liquid and pencil, but by 13:00 it usually fades away. Also should I use just one eyeliner or is it bad to use both at a time? If I was to get eyeliner from Sally's, which kind? Is there any in particular? Thanks for help! >.< - Christina Irene Almaguer