Friday, 16 November 2012

Christmas is coming!

Punky Pins Accessories would make a Great xmas gift!

Check Out Striped Kitty Ears here at Little Black Cherry! Available in Pink and Black, Purple and Black and Red and Black!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cupcake Cult Black Rock Teddy Skinny Fit Tshirt

Cupcake Cult by Poizen Industries Black 'Rock Teddy' Girl Tshirt comes with large Grey & Pink Teddy print on the front, short sleeves and super skinny fit. Try it with Grey Skinnies and Pink Dr Martens! 

Effy's getting cretive with LBC Scene Skinnies!

EFFY- i was going through my wardrobe the other day, and came across my first pair of scene skinny jeans i ever bought from Little Black Cherry. They felt quite big, but i didnt want to get rid of them. SO, i decided to cut them up into a pair of shorts! i absolutely love them, and the colour is perfect for summer:) let me know if you have any questions or want to know how i made them ♥ 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wimbledon - I'm hooked!

I usually don't watch any sport on tv, apart from occassional peak at World Cup or Euro 2012 if our team is playing. But this year I'm totally hooked on the Wimbledon, it's absolutely fascinating! Maybe because I've had few tennis lessons last year I can actually tell if someone's lost, so being in the know gives me some sort of pleasure of watching the game. But I figured out, that with tennis you can actually win not by simply being faster or better player, but by playing with someone who makes more mistakes that you. I was watching Andy Murray yesterday playing with Davydenko and he was getting the points simply because Davydenko was playing too hard and hitting the 'out' or playing too low and hitting the net. 
Saying that I would love to go back to tennis again and practice some more, maybe I'll go out one sunny day (there must be at least one sunny day this Summer?) and hit few balls in the park. Damn, did it sound wrong?

Monday, 25 June 2012

Chinese Love Sign - My Lucky Charm :)

I've just realised today I've had this little pendant for over 7 years now! I refuse take it off, it's my lucky charm... There must be something about it! There was the time when I have taken it off for few months and it was really bad unlucky time for me, once I've put it back on all started going back to 'normal' - now I never take it off!  

Friday, 11 May 2012

Weekend of making Custom Studded Scene Clothing

so I've been working on generating new keywords for LBC Scene Kid Clothing website all this morning, it's been a long task, but I'm really glad this is done now. It's last day of the week which means I'm gonna have two days off :> Sweet, i will be relaxing in the garden, if the weather is nice... I got inspired by some old tulle I found in the accessories box this morning, it's quite colourful and stiff like the ones used for tutu skirts - it's 3 sheets of tulle in orange, purple and hot pink. They look absolutely amazing together and maybe I'll make few hair bows out of them during the weekend :) I'm in such a crafty mood lately, I'm thinking of getting studs and fabric glue and transform few of my Scene T shirts, Converse and Scene Jeans and apply spikes on the shoulders and pockets - that's really exciting >.< Have a nice wekend guise!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Taste the Rainbow!

When packing the orders, I always take notice of the little details on the items, they're really make a huge difference to the product. Like rainbow printed pocket linings in Hot Pink Skinnies Jeans I was packing this morning - you think - nobody really sees the pocket lining, it's hidden... But this little hidden detail really sells the item, and makes you love it constantly. Wouldn't you rather pick Skinny Jeans with some quirky patch or lining than the same Skinny Jeans with boring white lining? I know I would go for the first pair, even if it's only £2.00 more, that's the whole rainbow experience that counts :)

Monday, 30 April 2012

Friday, 27 April 2012

Who will Catch the Bunny?

Last Chance to Buy this Living Dead Souls Bunny Ears Hoody! Sweet Hoodie Jacket comes with extra long Hot Pink Bunny Ears, Paws on pockets and skeleton Bunnies print all over it!

Don't miss it, catch this quirky Bunny Hoody now, it's only £16.99!

Skrillex and Katy Perry - E.T

i'm in love with this song right now :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Precious Guide How To Be a Hipster

Casette Printed Skinnies Jeans and Little Inspiration Hunt

Some days when i've got one specific task to complete my inspiration is totally dead, i sit staring at the screen and trying to form the ideas into some original shape. On other days however, when I don't plan anything, the ideas just jump out of anywhere, perfectly formed and ready to go, like if I didn't have anything to do with the whole process :) I love this kind of spontanous work, it's more easy to digest, straightforward and inspiring :) 

This was the case with LBC Deal Hunting Squad, which worked well as email marketing campaign, but I should really sit and work on it to keep it live - which means to create more deals and upload them online :) 

Today I was working on completely different promotion, and I hope you're going to like it, it's brand new LBC Explorers Club, little place where you can discover unusual and quirky things about all the clothes available at LBC! For example the first item to go were Darkside Casette Tape Skinny Skinny Jeans - made from super thick industrial feel denim, with camouflaged back pockets ('hidden' pockets) and cute little Darkside logo stitched on the back with silver metallic thread. 

I absolutely adore these Casette Skinnies Jeans, the print is so unbelievably strong and bold, it will fix the whole outfit for you, just add simple black vest, sudded wristbands and layered chain necklaces - perfect for those sweet & rebel days :)

Punky Pins Black Skull and Crossbones Studs

Black Skull and Crossbones Stud Earrings are truly rebellious, perfect for fearless Punk Princess! Express yourself with these Black Stud Earrings, made by alternative British brand Punky Pins! 

Monday, 23 April 2012


Single Release Date: 28thth May, 2012 

Hot off the back of debut UK single ‘Guys Don’t Like Me’ this March, effervescent edgy Hollywood five-piece pop punk band IT BOYS! have announced a six date UK tour which will precede follow up single ‘Burning Up’ featuring Jeffree Star, to be released 28th May through EMI/Century Media Records. 
The band, who are already causing a stir amongst fans of some of the UK’s finest pop rock royalty after becoming overnight stars of Chart Show TV in the UK with their energetic video for Guys Don’t Like Me, will be heading over in May for their first ever UK tour which will include a headline London show, dates with fellow US pop rockers Forever The Sickest Kids and appearances at student festival weekender Slam Dunk in Leeds and Hatfield. 

Currently completing a monster run of dates in the US with Breathe Carolina and The Ready Set, IT BOYS! have recently finished recording debut album ‘Introduction’ (slated for an early June UK release), and are excited about their upcoming UK shows. “It has been something we have talked about since the beginning of It Boys! “ says lead singer Matt Cut. “We recently got picked up by CAA as our overseas booking agency and we’re so thrilled to share a roster with One Direction, The Wanted, Taio Cruz and many more amazing pop artists. We can’t wait to make some new friends in the UK!” 


20th – Norwich Waterfront Studio – / 01603 508 050 

21st – Cardiff The Moon Club – 02920 230130 

22nd – London Barfly - / 0844 871 8803 

23rd – Birmingham o2 Academy (w/ Forever The Sickest Kids) / 0844 871 8803 

24th – Manchester Club (w/ Forever The Sickest Kids) / 0844 871 8803 

25th – Glasgow Cathouse (w/ Forever The Sickest Kids) - 0844 844 4747 

26th – Slam Dunk Festival North, Leeds University 

27th – Slam Dunk Festival South, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield 

For further information head to

How to take care of gauge earrings?

If you think of stretching your ears to get gauges do it gradually and always let the hole heal completely before going for a bigger gauge. also only enlarge by 1 gauge at a time, anything more will hurt real bad and will take forever to heal. 

I have both my ears stretched to half an inch, this size can still close up in time also it's not big enough to make ur ear look weird. I always take the plugs out at night, so that my earlobes "jump" back to their natural size. if they get too used to the stretch, after a while u'll have to go to a bigger gauge unless u want to loose ur plugs. Also this lets your ears breathe, which is very important, cuz they do tend to get stinky :| 

I recommend u use silicone plugs, they are easy to put in, come in all sorts of colors, and it's less likely ur body doesn't tolerate them, like the metallic ones. i cant even wear titanium ones cuz my ears get all itchy. plastic, bone or wood also works nice. about the snake bites, they do leave a mark, but it's barely noticeable. ppl who dont know u had them will never notice and they do close up in anything from a few days to a few months time, depending on ur body and how long u had them. hope i helped and hope i'm not too late with the info!

- submitted by dNbBabe


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Black Veil Brides Make Up by Nemo_xo

how cool is that? Check more on her blog:

End of one big Hectic Week!

It's been extremely hectic around here lately, and I'm glad the initial stress is over :) I've been moving to new house on Thursday, and it's been the most stressful day I've had in years :O First the moving company called me in the morning to say they won't be able to come, so last minute I had to arrange new removal van for all our stuff - absolute nightmare, I thought this day will never end. But after first night when I saw the new house in morning light I just felt big relief that I'm finally here, it's been very rewarding. 
Soon afterwards though BT turned up to say that the main telephone cable has been literally cut off from the property! Ha, well I did not expect that, luckily they have managed to arrange for the engineer team to arrive the same day and put the new cable in and connect me to the world. So dear Blogger I can finally confirm all is fine and working and I'm back for good :)
So now back to work, still have got plenty of boxes to unpack, but that can be done on Sunday, I need to focus now :) Thank you to all new Subscribers and welcome to (bit hectic but getting there) Little Black Cherry :D

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Spotted! Noel Fielding in LBC Vampire Fangs Necklace!

Noel Fielding is no stranger to Punky Pins Jewellery, and we were absolutely delighted to find out the 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' presenter  is sporting LBC Vampire Fangs Necklace by Punky Pins! Looking good Noel!

for long long time I was complaining that nothing is ever changing in my personal life, I'm feeling bit stuck in my flat (although I love it dearly), my friends are all moving on, even my younger brother got himself little adorable baby daughter - and she is ever so sweet :) So I tried to carry on regardless, be happy for all my friends and family, and hope that all this will happen to me one day too. I had my hopes crashed nearly a year ago, and it took me long time of semi-hibernation to get back to normal. It was surprisingly long healing process.
Luckily this all changed this month, as I'm finally moving to new house (tomorrow actually), which is set in beautiful location and is very convenient. Few other changes are also happening, but can't reveal anything more... I've waited for so long and don't want to spoil it all now :) Love you guys xxx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

SALE!!! Two Days Only - Ends Thursday!

SALE at LBC is a little treat to look forward to! Your favourite Poizen Industries Girls Tshirts, Plushie Hoodies and wicked Jewellery are all now available at haf price! But hurry up - Sale Ends Thursday! Even this new Kat Von D inspired Angel Hoodie is £19.50 - buy it now before it's gone!

50% OFF - Ends Thursday! Shop now! 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Join #kissforacause to Support Fashion Against Aids!

In honor of H and M’s 5th Fashion Against AIDS collection (which hits more than 300 stores on April 26th - 25% of proceeds will benefit AIDS awareness organizations) they're hitting up Coachella in a big way. Join “Kiss for a Cause” now and H and M will donate $1 to AIDS research for every Foursquare, Twitter or Instagram user that posts a kissy pic coupled with hashtags #kissforacause #hmusa. 

Join LBC Deal Hunting Squad!