How To Do Emo Make-Up?

If you want to get an emo styled look with your makeup, there is a specific way to put it on. Follow these steps and you will look emo in no time.


Follow the seperate steps for boys & girls.

Girls Make-Up
  1. Take your emo eyepaint or eyeliner and apply it carefully on the bottom of your eyes. Make sure you get close to the lash line. Start on the inside corner of your eye and make a thin line going to the outside of your eye.
  2. Apply your eyepaint/eyeliner in the same manner on top. Try for a rounded edge on the outside corner of your eye.
  3. Apply a healthy amount of eye shadow to your eyelids after the eyeliner has dried.
  4. You can create a shadow effect by applying a thin amount of a dark coloured eye shadow all around your eyes.
  5. Apply one coat of black mascara.
  6. If you want to, use foundation in a tone slightly lighter than your skin tone, or your own skin tone.
  7. Put a tiny bit of lipstick on. Blend it well into your lips and blot some off for a tinting affect.
  8. Don't overdo the makeup- you may look like a poser.
Quick note: If you have a very light skin complexion and maybe even darker eyes, you may want to use like a dark brown (close to black) and/ or a crimson color. This will not be to harsh on your skin tone!
  • apply colored eye liner under your black; use eyeliner on top lid too.
Boys makeup
  1. Apply eyeliner or emo eyepaint. Get very close to your lash line. Look at pictures of guys wearing eyeliner; notice that they are not wearing a lot - just enough to show they have it on.
  2. Eyeshadow is not mandatory, but if you are going to wear it, make sure it's not a sparkly neon color.
  3. If you wish, use a lightening foundation.
  4. Lipstick is, again, optional. If you are going to wear it, make sure to wear a tiny amount. Rub most of it off so it tints your lips, and doesn't paint them. 

For Both!

  • Should not be ringed around your eyes.
  • If you're going to try liquid liner, you might just want to skip to emo eye paint instead. If you don't have access to emo eye paint, try just using liquid liner instead.
  • Go easy on the eyeliner. Put enough on where people know you have it on, but don't look like a raccoon.
  • You can use the same process with kohl or an eye pencil instead of emo eyepaint or liquid liner.
  • Try consulting with a makeup artist before selecting a color.
  • Make sure your color goes well with your eyes.
  • You should try new colors like dark green or midnight blue.
Using Powder/ Foundation to Lighten Your Skin Tone
  • Your face doesn't have to be covered in powder.
  • Don't use a foundation four shades lighter then your skin tone. While pale skin is stereotypical, look healthy.
  • If you want lighter skin, try using foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone.
  • Lip color shouldn't be too dramatic.
  • Try smudging a little purple on your lips, not coating them in black or red.
  • Consider ditching lip colors and gloss all together in favor of chap stick.
  • Avoid lip gloss - shiny is not the way to go. 


  • Apply makeup in a reasonably bright light.
  • Guys: The eye shadow doesn't work - you have to use face powders.
  • Look at other people's makeup to get ideas. Never use their makeup ideas as your finished product!
  • Guys: Ask a girl to help you if you can't manage on your own 


  • Don't over-do it.
  • Try to use a base/primer so your eyeliner doesn't leak. 

Things You'll Need

  • Eye liner
  • Mascara
  • Powder
  • Black makeup
  • Eye shadow


  1. Guys: Ask a girl to help you if you can't manage on your own

    Ilove that part

    1. You dont need to. just look at an image of an emo person, copy it, and if it looks horrible then your doing it right :)

    2. That's really rude. Emo is actually a really cool style and often looks amazing.

    3. Yeah, why did you come to an EMO MAKEUP TUTORIAL if you think it sucks?

    4. ... *makes derpy face* :3

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  2. can i possibly ask you a question about anything related to being scene?

  3. hey, send us an email to with your question, or ask a question on our Facebook page, our Team will be happy to help :))

  4. What kind of brand names are your makeup?

  5. hey, good (and affordable) brands are e.l.f (eyes lips face), Barry M for eyeshadow and eyeliner (they do wicked shades), Maybelline (for foundation and Mascara - really nice ones) - and if you feel like you can stretch your budget a little more, I recommend Falsies Mascara and foundation and eye shadows by MAC - hope it helped ;D

  6. What do you do if you can't/don't want to wear alot of makeup?

  7. hi Anonymous, you can try sticking to natural foundation, or tinted moisturiser (it's basically daily cream with a touch of foundation - Nivea and Olay make good ones) with black delicate mascara (if black is too dark, try grey or brown, whichever will look more natural on you), and natural lipstick (like Nivea). You can end there, but you can also add some natural eyeliner on top lid, e.g. make very thin line using grey eyeliner, or navy etc. This is very very minimal delicate make up and you should be able to get away with it, i do use it sometimes and people ask me why i don't wear any make up x) good luck! xxx

  8. Do we have to have liquid eyeliner? or can it be a pencil??

  9. hey, you can use liquid if you feel comfortable using it, but you'll create the same effect using pencil liner too, some people prefer it over the liquid eyeliner, it's also better when you don't have much experience :)

  10. ngl i love this back ground..

    and two, this isnt much of a guide, i learnt how to do my eyes by just applying more and more everyday untill i get the right amount, experiment with your eyes, but blue eyes, like mine, suit black eveliner, you should apply bacl LIQUID on the top but crayon on the bottem, crayon is much better than pencil.

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  12. hey Nikki, sure you can pay in our store with Czech money - if you use your credit / debit card to pay for the order online - the amount you'll see on payment page will be in GBP (British Pounds) but it will be converted by your bank to Czech money and it will be also shown like that on your bank statement - hope it helps >.<

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  13. (: love this site! Helpful makeup tips.

  14. can u put up a makeup tutorial on the website

  15. These are good directions, and I've watched so many tutorials that I know what to aim for/what I'm doing, but I think you should still post a video/tutorial like you did for the hair so that people can see what they're doing step by step. That way. they know what they're doing and can get comfortable with the routine :)

  16. hi I don't want to come across as a poser or anything but I've always dressed differently to other girls and liked dark kind of things ( don't worry not a weirdo ... maybe lol ) and I was told by other girls at my school that I come across scene at first I didn't know what they ment but now I know , anyway I'm continuing with the way I dress (little black cherry obviously ) but taking it a bit further with make up and hair #1 how should I ask for my hair to be cut ? #2 I don't want to scare my parents by over loading on black eye make up what should I do ? much love and love your clothes x

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  18. more than perfect
    thank alots

  19. lol this is so lame first of all scene is a style emo stands for emotional is there such thing as emotional makeup.. secondly this style has been around for a while and is something that should come natural this hole article shows your a poser because your thinking how to form your self in to an "emo" person that's fake and its not you by nature you shouldnt you be labeling yourself .....

    1. And you trying to spell "hole"shows your not very smart.Because it's spelled "whole".you know like a whole brain that you obviously don't have because you can't spell whole the right way.

  20. This helped me soooooo much thank you also I got some tips for coloured lips do black around the edges the the colour for most of the lips when done get a light pink and fade it into the colour it looks amazing

  21. I don't completely understand the instructions. Well, I do, but I don't. Could you perhaps provide a picture of a girl with the makeup with her eyes closed so I can picture the results better? My mother doesn't like me wearing a lot of dark makeup. (Such a drag...)

  22. What color eyeshadow?

    1. Dark smokey grey/ black. Dark colors are key, if you aren't comfortable with dark, that's okay. Experiment and have fun with it!

  23. Great site thank you now i can create my emo/scene look. So pleased x)

  24. Thank you so much :)

  25. Hello,do I put the eyeliner over the lash or under?Had a friend tell me to put it over.

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