Monday, 31 January 2011

weird outfit to skate

I found this set this morning once i opened, absolutely love the vibe about it, specially the tiger sweater. So random mix of styles, but for some reason it works...

Saturday, 29 January 2011

end of long week, yesterday wanted to be tad more creative (silly) and played with template on my website, one click and all changed to one. big. mess. Then I had to spend rest of my evening straightening it up, eventually the site looks fine now, but should make few last corrections today. Next time my creativity grabs me I’ll think twice before I do anything major ;)
N. is coming back to Plymouth this weekend, i thought i’ll miss him more when he was away, but it wasn’t that bad. Getting used to his silly trips now. I’m glad about it, don’t like missing him too much.
My bamboo is poorly, as I wanted to play ‘creative gardener’ and cut his healthy branch(?) off instead the yellowish one. fool. Need to go into town and get a candle and pour some wax over the cut end. Apparently bamboos like it.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Momiji Doll Black and Purple Stripe Floppy Ears Hoody - the most hidden hood of last year..

we're not fans of hidden treasures, yet this Living Dead Souls (Celebrity Babe) Hoody had to wait it's fair share before going live... Thanks to awesome Twiggy von Lea and Kaleigh Westcott photography (Plymouth University) we get the chance to finally showcase this beauty.
  • Buttoned floppy ears (so cute!)
  • momiji doll rubber print on front /and back!/
  • quality zipper with amazing japanese doll detail

these are just few hawt things about this Hoody! We love Japanese Manga feel about it, and we're soooo crazy for the thumb holes in sleeves - perfect school hoody, fab design, very girlie 'lethal beauty' collection 2011!

gardenning fail...

gardenning fail last night... didn't like yellowish leaves on my bamboo.. cut the branch at the roots, the wrong branch... please don't die on my my sweetest bamboo, i promise to be better, i do...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Looking for Perfect Scene Hair?

Scene Girls are famous for most awesome Scene Hair on planet. Period. Blonde, black, short or long, doesn't matter, it's gotta be big and proud.  But how to achieve this totally fabulous look? Now there's place where all Scene Hair secrets are being revealed... No tricks, all tips are being tested by our readers, and submitted for your hearts delight. Read latest tips, most treasured secrets, and hey, why not ask your own question?

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

working in a studio is always unexpected, will it be great day, full of awesome shots or time when everybody will be just waiting to go home? it's pretty difficult to create relaxed atmosphere, so the models feel happy to be there, which is all reflected in photos, equals they look happy wearing the clothes :) 
haha, i'm always bit stressed before every shoot, but I feel blessed by having a chance to shoot in most amazing studio in Plymouth University (big thank you again here goes to Simon Standing, Head of Photography), where we can use their fantastic equipment, lighting, cameras, backdrops etc. Only last week we've done another major photo shoot with Plymouth Uni students and gorgeous photo models: Twiggy von Lea and Chloe Forbes. Both had previous studio experience, which made this day most successful and it was totally awesome to work with them. 
I loved Twiggy's pink wig (so Audrey!) she made amazing quirky Scene Queen. Chloe was ideal as tender jewellery model, she simply rocked in Little Black Cherry's Big Baby Scene Jewellery range! 
We've shot new Living Dead Souls Hoodies and Scene Jewelry, so there were only 2 - 3 outfit changes for the girls. Now the results are in hands of five fantastic Uni students, who edit the photos and get them ready! Can't wait to see the full set, and look forward to our future projects!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Do you use Formspring? Vote now!

Monday morning bunny

inspired this Monday morning by bunny ring... found it on Lookbook, what a great site ;) brill ideas, good mix of styles, love it.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Blue is name of my game... Rock Rehab All Over Print Men's T-shirt

Fantastic Rock Rehab Print Men's Blue T-shirtA must-have all over print Men's T Shirt. Great fit, short sleeves, very high quality material, 100% Cotton... part of Blue Monster Revolution taking over LBC this month!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Monday, 17 January 2011

...and you call it good place to stick your cookie?

Black and Royal Blue Striped Long Fingerless Gloves

Fresh new stock coming tomorrow, including Emo Fingerless Gloves, and these fab Electric Blue Stripey Long Scene GlovesDeep royal blue shade, deliciously long and irresistible, wrapping your hands and keeping any chills away! You'll fall in love with the design and soft material, wear them over your sleeves for new sensations! FRESH!