Tuesday, 25 January 2011

working in a studio is always unexpected, will it be great day, full of awesome shots or time when everybody will be just waiting to go home? it's pretty difficult to create relaxed atmosphere, so the models feel happy to be there, which is all reflected in photos, equals they look happy wearing the clothes :) 
haha, i'm always bit stressed before every shoot, but I feel blessed by having a chance to shoot in most amazing studio in Plymouth University (big thank you again here goes to Simon Standing, Head of Photography), where we can use their fantastic equipment, lighting, cameras, backdrops etc. Only last week we've done another major photo shoot with Plymouth Uni students and gorgeous photo models: Twiggy von Lea and Chloe Forbes. Both had previous studio experience, which made this day most successful and it was totally awesome to work with them. 
I loved Twiggy's pink wig (so Audrey!) she made amazing quirky Scene Queen. Chloe was ideal as tender jewellery model, she simply rocked in Little Black Cherry's Big Baby Scene Jewellery range! 
We've shot new Living Dead Souls Hoodies and Scene Jewelry, so there were only 2 - 3 outfit changes for the girls. Now the results are in hands of five fantastic Uni students, who edit the photos and get them ready! Can't wait to see the full set, and look forward to our future projects!

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