Saturday, 29 January 2011

end of long week, yesterday wanted to be tad more creative (silly) and played with template on my website, one click and all changed to one. big. mess. Then I had to spend rest of my evening straightening it up, eventually the site looks fine now, but should make few last corrections today. Next time my creativity grabs me I’ll think twice before I do anything major ;)
N. is coming back to Plymouth this weekend, i thought i’ll miss him more when he was away, but it wasn’t that bad. Getting used to his silly trips now. I’m glad about it, don’t like missing him too much.
My bamboo is poorly, as I wanted to play ‘creative gardener’ and cut his healthy branch(?) off instead the yellowish one. fool. Need to go into town and get a candle and pour some wax over the cut end. Apparently bamboos like it.

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