Friday, 11 May 2012

Weekend of making Custom Studded Scene Clothing

so I've been working on generating new keywords for LBC Scene Kid Clothing website all this morning, it's been a long task, but I'm really glad this is done now. It's last day of the week which means I'm gonna have two days off :> Sweet, i will be relaxing in the garden, if the weather is nice... I got inspired by some old tulle I found in the accessories box this morning, it's quite colourful and stiff like the ones used for tutu skirts - it's 3 sheets of tulle in orange, purple and hot pink. They look absolutely amazing together and maybe I'll make few hair bows out of them during the weekend :) I'm in such a crafty mood lately, I'm thinking of getting studs and fabric glue and transform few of my Scene T shirts, Converse and Scene Jeans and apply spikes on the shoulders and pockets - that's really exciting >.< Have a nice wekend guise!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Taste the Rainbow!

When packing the orders, I always take notice of the little details on the items, they're really make a huge difference to the product. Like rainbow printed pocket linings in Hot Pink Skinnies Jeans I was packing this morning - you think - nobody really sees the pocket lining, it's hidden... But this little hidden detail really sells the item, and makes you love it constantly. Wouldn't you rather pick Skinny Jeans with some quirky patch or lining than the same Skinny Jeans with boring white lining? I know I would go for the first pair, even if it's only £2.00 more, that's the whole rainbow experience that counts :)