Friday, 11 May 2012

Weekend of making Custom Studded Scene Clothing

so I've been working on generating new keywords for LBC Scene Kid Clothing website all this morning, it's been a long task, but I'm really glad this is done now. It's last day of the week which means I'm gonna have two days off :> Sweet, i will be relaxing in the garden, if the weather is nice... I got inspired by some old tulle I found in the accessories box this morning, it's quite colourful and stiff like the ones used for tutu skirts - it's 3 sheets of tulle in orange, purple and hot pink. They look absolutely amazing together and maybe I'll make few hair bows out of them during the weekend :) I'm in such a crafty mood lately, I'm thinking of getting studs and fabric glue and transform few of my Scene T shirts, Converse and Scene Jeans and apply spikes on the shoulders and pockets - that's really exciting >.< Have a nice wekend guise!


  1. *O* Beautiful Converse!!! >w< I love it *---* <3

  2. These are so cool! love them!