Friday, 28 January 2011

Momiji Doll Black and Purple Stripe Floppy Ears Hoody - the most hidden hood of last year..

we're not fans of hidden treasures, yet this Living Dead Souls (Celebrity Babe) Hoody had to wait it's fair share before going live... Thanks to awesome Twiggy von Lea and Kaleigh Westcott photography (Plymouth University) we get the chance to finally showcase this beauty.
  • Buttoned floppy ears (so cute!)
  • momiji doll rubber print on front /and back!/
  • quality zipper with amazing japanese doll detail

these are just few hawt things about this Hoody! We love Japanese Manga feel about it, and we're soooo crazy for the thumb holes in sleeves - perfect school hoody, fab design, very girlie 'lethal beauty' collection 2011!

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  1. That is a cool sweater which can be complimented with the
    Momiji Dolls .