Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wimbledon - I'm hooked!

I usually don't watch any sport on tv, apart from occassional peak at World Cup or Euro 2012 if our team is playing. But this year I'm totally hooked on the Wimbledon, it's absolutely fascinating! Maybe because I've had few tennis lessons last year I can actually tell if someone's lost, so being in the know gives me some sort of pleasure of watching the game. But I figured out, that with tennis you can actually win not by simply being faster or better player, but by playing with someone who makes more mistakes that you. I was watching Andy Murray yesterday playing with Davydenko and he was getting the points simply because Davydenko was playing too hard and hitting the 'out' or playing too low and hitting the net. 
Saying that I would love to go back to tennis again and practice some more, maybe I'll go out one sunny day (there must be at least one sunny day this Summer?) and hit few balls in the park. Damn, did it sound wrong?

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