Saturday, 21 April 2012

End of one big Hectic Week!

It's been extremely hectic around here lately, and I'm glad the initial stress is over :) I've been moving to new house on Thursday, and it's been the most stressful day I've had in years :O First the moving company called me in the morning to say they won't be able to come, so last minute I had to arrange new removal van for all our stuff - absolute nightmare, I thought this day will never end. But after first night when I saw the new house in morning light I just felt big relief that I'm finally here, it's been very rewarding. 
Soon afterwards though BT turned up to say that the main telephone cable has been literally cut off from the property! Ha, well I did not expect that, luckily they have managed to arrange for the engineer team to arrive the same day and put the new cable in and connect me to the world. So dear Blogger I can finally confirm all is fine and working and I'm back for good :)
So now back to work, still have got plenty of boxes to unpack, but that can be done on Sunday, I need to focus now :) Thank you to all new Subscribers and welcome to (bit hectic but getting there) Little Black Cherry :D

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