Friday, 6 April 2012

Best Alternative Hair Dyes - Rank of Top Three!

We've spent whole of this week going through the reviews of Alternative Hair Dye brands available on the market, and there's been few discoveries. We compared only few leading (and at the same time most accessible) hair dye brands. The final score / performance was based on how long the dye lasts on hair, how does it wash out / fade, how well does it work on non bleached hair and also what's the after care required in order to preserve the colour. Here come the results :)

1. In the first place hands down comes Special Effects. This 100% vegan friendly hair dye really impressed us with the vibrance of the colour and mainly how long does it stay looking radiant without fading. Basically Special Effects hair dye out-performed other brands by the fact that after few washes the colour doesn't just go flat and liveless, it changes of course with every wash, but instead of 'washing off' it transforms to different dimention shade, e.g from deep magenta to neon pink - impressive! The Special Effects hair dyes come in 118ml bottles, and 1 bottle should be enough for shoulder length hair. For longer hair it's better to get 2 bottles for peace of mind - and the best thing is you can keep the remaining dye securely sealed for 12 months, or mix it with conditioner and use it after every wash to preserve the original colour. Generally colour stays on hair from 6 weeks up to few months time. Score: 5/5

2.  In the second place comes Manic Panic. Also 100% vegan friendly with crazy selection of colours and few wicked ranges: Cream Hair Dye, Amplified Dye (both semi-permanent), Gel Dye and Dye Hard (the last two are temporary hair dyes meant to stay only 1 wash). Amplified dye range is more 3D raving crazy shade. Cream Hair dyes are more flat and not that electrifying. Gel Dyes are simply colouring hair gels that wash after 1 wash. Dye Hards additionally come in 3 shades: metallic, matte and neon. We recommend  Manic Panic for extreme change, if only for short time, yet for someone looking to try new shade just for fun. Manic Panic lets you play with their dyes and I love that about them. The shade of semi-permanent colour should last from 6 weeks to few months, with Atomic Pink being recommended as lasting the longest. Manic Panic also sell bleaching kits and other accessories. Score: 4/5

3. Third and final place goes to Directions. These semi-permanent hair dyes last about 6 - 8 weeks, it's semi-permanent dye with good selection of colours and accessible prices. The shades can be mixed together to create new unique shades (sweet!!!). Overall good choice, Score: 2/5

Other brands we compared:  Crazy Color, Star Gazer, Redken and L'oreal. Redken and L'oreal as being permanent hair dyes did not offer crazy deep vibrant unnatural shades, yet these are one of the best brands for deep black & red shades. Star Gazer was the biggest disappointment in our opinion, guys better up and hopefully will see you in top 3 next year!

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