Wednesday, 18 April 2012

for long long time I was complaining that nothing is ever changing in my personal life, I'm feeling bit stuck in my flat (although I love it dearly), my friends are all moving on, even my younger brother got himself little adorable baby daughter - and she is ever so sweet :) So I tried to carry on regardless, be happy for all my friends and family, and hope that all this will happen to me one day too. I had my hopes crashed nearly a year ago, and it took me long time of semi-hibernation to get back to normal. It was surprisingly long healing process.
Luckily this all changed this month, as I'm finally moving to new house (tomorrow actually), which is set in beautiful location and is very convenient. Few other changes are also happening, but can't reveal anything more... I've waited for so long and don't want to spoil it all now :) Love you guys xxx

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