Saturday, 4 June 2011

Liquid or Pencil? What Kind of Eyeliner is Better?

What kind of eye liner should I get? I use liquid and pencil, but by 13:00 it usually fades away. Also should I use just one eyeliner or is it bad to use both at a time? If I was to get eyeliner from Sally's, which kind? Is there any in particular? Thanks for help! >.< - Christina Irene Almaguer

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  1. I find liquid eyeliner the best, it lasts much longer but it's trickier to work with, you could get a liquid eyeliner and a pencil, draw on with pencil and trace over with liquid! you'll find that easier to work with, e.l.f ( in the US And in UK & Most of Europe ) do some really cheap and good quality make up :) xx