Saturday, 23 October 2010

How To Become Convincing Evil Hitchhiker?

Hitchhikers are not always chatty happy breed, specially ones hiking in Halloween period. They can be rather little less friendly, and more hungry. For extreme. So no surprise hitchhikers are often pictured as evil murderous kinds in horror movies. Now for Halloween night you can become one of them, it's also breaking from usual Zombie bunch.

It's deadly easy to become convincing Hitchhiker from Hell. You don't need new shiny clothes, old trousers, T-shirt and some good old back pack should do the job. If you can, treat your trousers (specially the ends) with pumice, to give them some worn-out effect and take some threads out. It will look like you have done good mileage to date. Having a backpack with you is both great prop as well as practical thing, you can always keep there drinks, cosmetics etc. Just find some really old rucksack, you want to convince all you are dedicated hitchhiker indeed...

Now to add some spice to your outfit here's important bit - to differentiate from your average hitchhiker you need to look evil. Prepare cardboard sign saying 'ANYWHERE' but add to it some blood stains, eg. sprinkle it with red paint, or make red smeared hand prints all over it - it will freak all out! If you can grab some toy axe, knife or chainsaw. Just to make sure you fit into murderous tone of the night...

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