Tuesday, 19 October 2010

How To Do Zombie Makeup?

Zombies are growing popular for Halloween look, it’s their time! You got the outfit, attitude and right moves, but what about the makeup? You want to look the part, not too life-like, otherwise you’ll be recognised as human among other Zombies, and results may be fatal... So get ready, read these tips to become true Zombie:

  • You should be pale, your face can’t bear any life juices underneath, so arm yourself with some good coverage white / pale foundation and powder. Cover all your face, mouth, around the eyes, ears, and the neck! If you wish, spare some of this treat on your arms and hands if uncovered.
  • Get some seriously dark eye shadow: grey, navy and green work best. Put it on your upper and lower eyelids, you can mix all three colors together for even better effect. Create dark circles around your eyes and blend it well. 

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