Sunday, 10 October 2010

How To Become an Alternative Model?

Alternative modelling is getting more and more popular, with burlesque, rockabilly and psychobilly trends getting into mainstream fashion. Edgy looking girls are deffinitely more popular now then polished models back from the 90s! Alternative modelling becomes quite attractive thing to do for young aspiring photomodels. But how to get into this, where to start? Taken from interviews with current (and in demand) alternative models, as well as our own experience, we've prepared few tips which will help you start in this business...

  • First - practice posing at home in front of the mirror! The more you do it, the more aware of your body you'll become. You should always know how stand, tilt your head or smile to look best in front of the camera. Should you look from down or up? Should you place your hands on the hips, or on waist? You will learn it quickly and soon automatically know how to pose!

  • Now, the make up. The rule is to put heavier make up for the shoot then you do everyday. More foundation, eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow - always accentuate your eyes! Try different make up at home and take pictures of yourself to find the right look. You will be often required to do your own make up for the shoot, so practice it as often as you can. Invest in good quality cosmetics and don't forget to take them with you every time you got booked!

  • Preparations: when meeting with the photographer for the first time, take your portfolio pictures with you, no matter the quality (no harm in having professional photos done, of course) but the point is to show how versatile and photogenic you are. Photographer will judge you, not the quality of the photo :)

  • When booked for the shoot, bring as many accessories as possible: shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, find out what is the main theme (eg. Summer Catalogue, Halloween, Burlesque) and bring whatever suitable. People on the set will cherish you for something unusual which will spice up the photos, ie. funky feather hat or cool sunglasses!

  • When arriving at the shoot, always be on time, take printed directions with you and contact telephone number in case you get lost! Also remember to take packed lunch and plenty of water with you - the shoot might take all day, and heat from the lamps can be exhausting.

  • Be patient, listen to instructions of photographer and other people on the set, be natural, relax, but come with your own ideas too - it can be really appreciated!

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