Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dark Colour Nail Polish - How to Avoid Nail Discolouration?

I personally love my nails being done, always paint my nails everyday, seems like hassle, but I so got used to it now, it takes me only around 3 mins to do two coats. I love it! My bathroom stand contains more nail polishes then face tonics, creams and cotton pads. There's nothing more fun for me then picking new color nail polish. 

But what I really dislike is having discoloured nails after using dark pink or orange nail paint for too long. What I used to do is just give my nails a 'color-rest' for few days and paint them in some light pink or nude. 

But what I discovered just recently, is that you can put first coat of light pink nail polish (going directly on your nails), and then second coat your favourite dark colour! There's no more discolouration, it works like a treat. Just get your dark nail paint from quality brand (my favourite is Revlon) that will give you good coverage. When it comes to base nude nail paint, I usually go for Maybelline, as their polishes work really good for my nails, they don't over-dry them and don't cause split nails. Really recommend!

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