Thursday, 20 May 2010

Why People Pick On Others For How They Look and Dress?

Hi, i would like to know, why do people pick on others for being so called "scene"? I got picked on at first then I actually stayed home for ages. Then I got popular on bebo. And now well everyone says I'm pretty, my pictures are amazing. I look like a model ect.

And you know what some girls moan about they wana be thinner cause apparently that's scene to be thin... err no it's not. I'm thin im size 12 but im tallish i got flat stomac ect i durno if your americans or w.e but your mad to think being ultra thin is scene i just dont understand why people fuss so much:/

Give it time ur learn new things and some advise - don't backbrush your hair so it looks like a birdsnest. And don't use stupid false colourd extecions most of them look so fake and tacky.

Most famous scene kids dont dress in bright stuff anyway its more indie style thats "scene" now so no offence ;]

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