Thursday, 29 September 2011

Halloween At Home? Make It To Die For!

Ok, so you really don't fancy going out on Halloween and party till dusk, but want to make it differently this year, do something special - and you're off Trick 'r' Treating stage :) Now there's few chilling activities you can do at home to make this Halloween the One to Die For!

Cast a Spell! You want this gorgeous boy from Year 11 to finally notice you - and adore you? Here's the time and place to make it happen! But prepare! You can't cast a serious spell it in your everyday clothes... It doesn't work that way, your costume needs to be very special. Don't have Witch's hat or pointy toes? Fear not, most mysterious Black and Pink Stripe Kitty Ears Hoodie will cover your earthly look, and get Halloween Spirits on your side. Add magical Purple Striped Skinny Jeans, plenty of candles, spiritual music and you'll have power in your hands...

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