Saturday, 26 March 2011

Help, I Want My Hair Different and Unusual!

I want my hair to look Unusual!

hey Kidds, so I know the scene look is everywhere nowadays. I've been called a scene kidd for quite some time now. My question is does anyone know ways I can get my hair dyed unusually that isn't cliche and not common color? I'm 15 and school code doesn't allow abnormal hair cuts.

I've had my hair dark purple and the teachers didn't notice, and if they did they acted like they didn't care. I was thinking about dying it bright red but I'm afraid they might say something? and I am biracial and have "virgin hair" so when I once had coon tails they bleached the spots and it fried my hair, so I was wondering if anyone knew someway I could dye my hair that is different and not boring?

Also if anyone is thinking about getting their septum pierced, I have mine pierced and it hurt extremely bad! But it's worth it. :) Anyone know how I can convince my mom to let me get snake bites as well? She's afraid they will scar but many people have told me they will just leave extremely small dots you can barely see or it closes back.

Also anyone know a good size to gauge your ears that is cute but doesn't make the outside part look all stretchy and gross? thanks! :)

- Dny <333


  1. dooont strech ur ears, trust me. they bleed all over the place and it doesnt always heal...if you must. only go to like size 5 . about the hair, you could go navy blue, its different but not too unnatural.

  2.'s been a while since u posted this....i just stumbled upon it now....dunno if u got ur ears stretched since then, in case u didn't, do it gradually and always let the hole heal completely before going for a bigger gauge. also only enlarge by 1 gauge at a time, anything more will hurt real bad and will take forever to heal. i have both my ears stretched to half an inch. this size can still close up in time also it's not big enough to make ur ear look weird. i always take the plugs out at night, so that my earlobes "jump" back to their natural size. if they get too used to the stretch, after a while u'll have to go to a bigger gauge unless u want to loose ur plugs. also this lets ur ears breathe, which is very important, cuz they do tend to get stinky :| i recommend u use silicone plugs, they are easy to put in, come in all sorts of colors, and it's less likely ur body doesn't tolerate them, like the metallic ones. i cant even wear titanium ones cuz my ears get all itchy. plastic, bone or wood also works nice.
    about the snake bites, they do leave a mark, but it's barely noticeable. ppl who dont know u had them will never notice and they do close up in anything from a few days to a few months time, depending on ur body and how long u had them.
    hope i helped and hope i'm not too late with the info!
    - dNbBabe

    1. hey thank you so much for posting this, really valuable tips, and if you don't mind I will re-post them as brand new article - LBC readers will absolutely love it! Maggie xxx