Friday, 11 March 2011

Hayley Williams - The Goddess of music, fashion and MAKE UP!

Face it, Hayley is gorge! with no make up or not, Jeremy Scott outfits to tracksuits.
This is just one of Hayley's simple yet effectively beautiful eye make up! (:

What you need need:
  • Liquid Eyeliner ( If you aren't comfortable with using liquid, use a smooth eyeliner pencil )
  • Green Glitter eyeliner OR
  • A Green Glitter Eyeshadow while using a thin shadow brush.
  • Baby wipes (in case you make mistakes )
  • White eyeliner

Step one: The Black eyeliner!

For Liquid/Pencil (Top):

Start off with drawing on three dots above your lash line, this will be your guide line. Follow these dots, one at a time please! don't get ahead of yourself!

For the flick, if you are unsure about getting it right, use a white eyeliner pen until you get the desired shape, then trace and fill it in!

To avoid those extremely annoying ' eyeshadow/liner shadows on your eyelids, either but eyeshadow primer on your eyelids before using or use a loose foundation powder over your eyelids after the eyeliner has dried out.

If in doubt, use this video as a guideline (:

Ideal eyeliner liquid:

BUDGET: Rimmel Waterproof Eyeliner

Splash OUT!: Any M.A.C liquid eyeliner ( I use a Hello Kitty one n.n )

For the bottom:

Hayley put on this Green Eyeliner quite thickly, yet not to thickly to look like a green Raccoon! I found this peerrfeeccctt eyeliner colour, and size! POP Glitter Eyeliner in 'Moss' (Green)

To Apply:
Eyeliner pencil is quite easy to apply. but if in doubt use the 'Three dots' guide, and you'll be smokin' -sss-
Have fun with this look, if you don't like this look, Alter it! you'll look even better and unique as you made it! Even Hayley W will be proud!

Good luck and make sure to have fun!

Faith @ LBC 'Ox

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