Saturday, 10 July 2010

How To Take Care of Your Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are the easiest way to get big Scene Hair, funky color streaks or amazing straight bottom layers. They can be made of natural or artificial hair. You can buy them at Claire's, Sally's or online in various places. But how to take care of them to stay and look the same for longer? With your tips, we've created few useful things to remember when applying hair extensions:

  • If you get real hair extensions, you can treat them as you would your natural hair: you can wash and dye them. They're really great, however, if you straighten them too much they get split ends and so forth so they need trimming like normal hair.
  • Before you apply the extentions, backcomb that section of you hair first and then clip the extensions in, it will make them stay and feel more secure.
  • Wash them every two weeks, and condition them every week - the reason to do it is because straightening dries them out and they need to be conditioned more often to keep the right look for longer

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