Thursday, 1 July 2010

Do I Have To Tease My Hair To Be Scene?

I love being scene but my hair always seems to be a problem. I have such thin preppy hair that even if I tease it, all it does is fall flat... so
do I have to tease my hair to be scene?

Nicole Hall ~ RainbowFreak

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  1. LexiiLux T.N.T23 July 2011 at 01:13

    You dont have to tease your hair i mean im emo but i lvoe the scene hairstyle an since im black i dont need to tease ym hair but that doesent mean its nappy or let it get that way either i straighten my hair everyday i dont kno how to surivie without one so know that is a MAJOR ESSENTIAL if you dont want to tease your hair an if u dnt wnt 2 b creative u can use a curling iron to bump it but wat i do is use ALOT of hairspray but not to much that its hard either just enough to amke it stick an keep the poofyness ^_^