Friday, 8 April 2011

Being sick isn't fun! And i've also wanted to talk about this topic for quite a while now, so why not do it now when I have time? :D

You've wanted to dye your hair, get your nose pierced and get 'Love Hate' tattooed onto your knuckles for quite a while now, right? I wouldn't really call this a guide, but more like information.

Okay, so here we goooo!~

Hair Dye:

  1. Okay, first before you go hanging onto your mom's legs screaming and having a tantrum because she won't allow you to dye your hair, think about it from her point of view...
  2. Hair dye CAN be damaging to your hair, i.e bleaching, you are at a young age, she doesn't want you to ruin it!
  3. AND it can be expensive if you getting it done at a salon, or you don't wanna ruin the bathroom with splatters of black dye everywhere!
  4. First of all, sit her down, have a chat about it, telling her you know where she's coming from, tell her you'll pay for getting it done!
  5. You'll have dye it when you need to, and you'll use good hair masks to condition it to keep it healthy!
  6. But please, DON'T HAVE A TANTRUM! I did once, big mistake, they'll just see you as immature and won't let you.


Most parents don't mind ear piercings, but facial piercings? No way to them!
Usually parents worries are:
  • You'll get in trouble in school.
  • it will get infected
  • They'll seem like a irresponsible parent!
Okay, like the hair dye, try to see where they are coming from, facial piercings are cool, but yes, they CAN get infected, and if you don't go to a qualifed piercer,( or even do it yourself) it might get worse!

  1. Tell them you'll clean it everyday (or whenever is said by the piercer)
  2. You'll take it out for school (If your school are picky with piercings)
  3. Say to them you could get it done during vacation, so you won't get in trouble in school and you'll be allowed to take it out when school starts!


Okay, please, REALLY REALLY Do try and see it from your parents view!

  • Tattoos are permament, unless you get them lasered off of course, which is supposed to be painful and expensive!
  • Usually parents don't want to let you get tattoos at a young age, as you might regret it at a older stage of your life.
  • And tattooists usually dislike to tattoo people under the age of 18, even if you do have parents permission.
  • I guess, if you want to try to persuade your parents, draw up your tattoo, get something that ACTUALLY means something to you ! (Like a memory of your passed away granpa etc.)
Ps. You don't need all of the above to be 'Scene', Scene is a unique style, be who you wanna be! be YOUinque!

Faith @LBC

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