Thursday, 14 April 2011

My tip today is for all my fellow curly haired scenesters! NEVER.TOUCH.YOUR.HAIR.WITH.HOT.IRONS it wil give you split ends and make you look like u went through a hedge backwards! The same with teasing it will give the same effect... My advice is to have a side parting so you have one very thin side and one massive poofy side - I call it the naught n nice effect <3
Meshi @LBC


  1. so how do u do it then?

  2. if you really need to straighten, invest in quality heat protection spray, some good cream for split ends (eg. TIGI dream drops from Bed Head) and powerful straightner ;) check this vid how to do it:

  3. I've got curly hair and have been dyeing it and things for a few years now and I've learned a lot about how to take care of it so it doesn't get torn up! Here are some tips:
    1. If you bleach it at home, make sure you shampoo afterwards to ensure you get all the bleach out of your hair when it's done. (I didn't one time and my hair actually got stiff and broke off like stalactites.)
    2. Don't wash you hair every day, a minimum should be every three days. The longer you do it the less oily your hair will be but it also helps because steam can damage your hair and daily exposure to it is not good. I use dry shampoo on the days I don't wash it. I still shower, I just put my hair up into a bun and wear a headband to keep it out of the way :)

    3. Like the above commenter said, use heat protectant when you iron it. I use Loreal Color Vibrancy Dual Protectant spray and when my hair is dyed it really helps to bring back the shine and color to my hair, I discovered it when a relative who is a hairdresser used it on me and my hair went from a faded pastel blue to cobalt! It's a temporary fix for faded dye but it also helps protect your hair.