Thursday, 13 October 2011

I want to dye my hair like that :)

I want that hair so badly! I love two shades and that they're dipped dyed! Please could you give me tips how to dye my hair like this? What kind of dye to get - and how exactly to dye hair like that - at home? Thank you for ANY tips!! <3 Maggie xxx



  1. You need to bleach your hair and then add a toner to it to make it go that colour. Then just grab a colour of dye that you want the tips to be and then apply it with a tint brush :-) It's super easy. If you have dark hair though...go to a salon for the bleaching...
    also, if you want that pastel lilac/pink, you can dilute coloured dye with conditioner :-)
    BeeUnique website have an amazing supply of dyes and kits...