Monday, 17 October 2011

Easy Halloween 'Gothic Lolita' Make Up

I found this photo today on Tumblr posted by someone blogging from Gothic Inspirations website, and although I'm not big on Gothic fashion, I thought this look is so incredibly current, it's Gothic but by adding big fin-de-siecle brooch, Japanese Lolita locks and cute nail art it's lifted to today's 'Cute Can Kill' sharp style. It looks like Kawaii Japanese Lolita 2011 meets Goth Princess 2007. I specially love the lower lid eyeliner style, not sure if is made using pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, but after closer look you can see the sharp pointy line below the corner of the eye might predict it is created with liquid eyeliner.
I have discovered that more lasting results are best achieved with line created first by pencil liner and then putting another thinner and more pointy line with liquid eyeliner on top. 
Also you might think black lipstick is thing of the past, but this girl is working it so well it's simply genius. Think Ditta von Tease, I cannot imagine her with any other lip colour than black or red. Red lipistick might work with this look as well, but with high buttoned shirt and brooch, red lips would stand out too much. I love this image and the more I look at it the more edgy and current it is for me. It's Kawaii Halloween Look 2011 :)

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  1. I soooo love your makeup ideas! Thanks for sharing, this is such a great help since I am looking for great and scary halloween makeup ideas and this post just gave me few ideas. Thanks for sharing, dear!

    cheers and more power!
    ~ Cristine