Thursday, 13 October 2011

For all Calvin and Hobbes fans out there...

I was browsing the web tonight, waiting for new site to take final shape, so can't really do much on website at this stage... I promised myself I'll take few days break, but you can't really do that when your work is where your laptop is :) Anyway I came across site on reddit about Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Waterson and his anti commercial requests, but also mainly about Halloween. How Calvin and Hobbes look should be regarded as not used in commercial sense, but how many people actually dress like that on Halloween this year! You always want something that is hard to get :) 

After searching for Calvin and Hobbes images on Google, I came across this awesome creation on Deviantart, and it hit me! How easily you can get Calvin's look on Halloween with Black and Red Striped Men's T-shirt! That's why this Tee has been selling like hot buns since the moment it came back in stock! This T shirt is now extremely limited, as we have only ordered it for Halloween, so if you're still looking to get Calvin's Outfit, get online and grab this Tee now - it's only £12.99 and available for Next Day Delivery (within UK, and also within 3 days worldwide).

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