Monday, 24 October 2011

How to make Last Minute Halloween Costume

Don't have fancy costume yet? Or like me you just found out you will actually be going out to mingle amongst evil crowd? Don't fear, you can still make blood chilling costume in seconds! All you need is:
  • simple black top or striped T-shirt
  • red or black teele
  • elastic band
  • leggings
  • fake blood
so teele, fake blood and elastic band you will get in haberdashery, vest or top can be found in your wardrobe together with leggings! Try to find clothes that you don't wear anymore, or borrow from sister (joking here!!). Anyway these things could get stained from fake blood, and you could not get rid of it afterwards, so pick clothes that you don't mind getting ruined!

So, easiest Halloween outfit can be done like these: first - make a tutu! Wrap elastic band around your waist, and take one thin stripe of teele (cut teele into strips beforehand), fold it in half, and hook over the elastic band creating little loop, through which you can slide the rest of the teele strip. That way you wrap the teele around the band, and the rest flows so beautifully down creating part of skirt! Do that with the rest of teele strips, and you've just made yourself little tutu skirt! 
Put on Black and White Striped T-shirt or a vest, and if you're brave, make few holes in it and apply fake blood directly to your skin where the holes are! It will look like you just went through deep bushes and what-the-hell-not to get to the party! Wear leggings (you can also make the hole / fake blood procedure on them too!), your Dr Martens, backcomb your hair, maybe grab few Twiglets to put in it and you're ready baby!

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