Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ok, so today I decided to pick one Necklace from my new collection, and I went for Gloomy Bear Kawaii Japanese style Necklace. This necklace is quite special for me, as I have spent quite a long time setting the beads for this one, and I have to admit, the 'Bloody beard' on the Bear is not irregular by choice... I admit, I have just started my designs from this particular Gloomy Bear, so it's far from perfect. But after speaking with Maggie, we decided that although it is different from my standard designs, this Necklace has got character, bit of me in it, it's just unique, I still remember making it :) I always value these quiet evenings when I can sit and focus on my work.. Although now Necklaces don't take me so much time to make (practice ;D ) and with familiar designs now it all seems more mechanical, yet the first batch I've made for Little Black Cherry brings happy memories, bit special, and I hope they will give you as much joy, as I had fun making them :)

Faith @ LBC 

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