Monday, 10 October 2011

Easy way to make your Nails Kawaii Style

Ok, I love Kawaii lately, I'm crazy about all the little Plushie creatures with big eyes and tiny cute smiles! I'm thinking of subscribing to one of Japanese fashion magazines, but I can bet there's ton and a half of these out there, if you know of any good ones, please email me, I'd be very grateful!

Anyway, back to nails, I've just discovered over the weekend, how easy is to make Kawaii looking nails - you don't even need special skills, extra time or manicure tools - only two different shades of nail polish! I chose Yellow (No.34) from Barry M and Blue (Mint Choc Chip) from 17. They are bright candy looking shades and I painted my nails in two different colours, which means I applied blue nail polish to every other nail, and the same with Yellow one! And also I painted my nails the way, so my thumbs are different colours, so one is Yellow and the other one is Blue! Also did the same with other nails, it looks so incredibly awesome, I'm so proud of that :) 

Try that at home, for Halloween you can pick Black and Orange, or Yellow and Orange (these colours are so big right now!), Black and Red or Black and White! 

Have fun :)

this look was inspired by Katy Perry's candy look:

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